The board I have here is a Liquid Force 2009 Mod Wakeskate. This is a 42 inch board and the board series comes in a 40 inch and a 42 inch series. The Mod features grip tape; the Signal, which is the sister of this, just features an EVA pad.

The Mod series is the same bottom surface as our wood skates but due to the fact that it rides a little higher in the water being composite, we actually came and added a channel on the nose and tail and it actually helps the board sit a little deeper as you’re edging in.

The rail is really soft around the mid-area of the board and then it slowly tapers into a crisp rail in the last two inches. So when you’re on edge it really digs in if you’re riding finless or with a fin. The top of the Mod features more of an abrupt nose and tail area that is just more abrupt. It gives you more control and allows you to increase angles on the board.

Side-to-side, the heel to toe transfer is more abrupt as well in the concave. The Liquid Force Mod series is set up to allow for our accessory fins; it actually is packaged with them. It allows you to set it up. I have it set up here with just two nose pieces but you can set it up with quad nose pieces or you can set up for all six if you choose. The Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate just allows you to get a little bit more eccentric with your set-up. It allows nose/tail slides, just even doing manuals across Fun boxes at the park.




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