Review: K2 Obsethed Skis 2011

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Twin tips are not just for the park and pipe anymore. The new Obsethed ski features more rocker at the tip than tail and camber beneath the boots, plus a wider 117mm waist for ocean-liner float in the deep stuff. The dimensions make it versatile enough for charging big mountains and backcountry zones, yet it still has the chops to ski resort hardpack. Powder rocker up front eliminates tip dive and surfs soft snow rather than pushing through it, so you don’t get bogged down or go over the bars. Offsetting the rocker, camber underfoot provides solid edgehold on hard snow while the rockered tail ensures smooth, buttery turn transitions. This ski is so versatile, you’ll forget you’re on twin tips… until you throw it switch. Added bonus: K2 offers pre-cut touring skins if you’re looking to bring your game to the backcountry. -MH

Sizes(CM): 169, 179, 189

Tip-Waist-Tail: 146/117/134


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