Review: Hyperlite B-Side Wakeboard

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Hey. What’s up? I am JD Webb. This is my pro model, the HyperliteB-Side Wakeboard. I am really pumped on it. We got a new graphic on it this year. The things I like most about it, it is a blended 3-stage rocker. It has really good pop off the top of the wake. And it also has good carving. And when you want to get on that edge cutting into the wake, it holds a really good edge cutting in as well.

My wakeboard has a really nice step-down rail and also a wider, shallower molded in fin which is really good for the release off the top of the wake. My wakeboard this year has some really cool features to it. We have the JD Webb badge, and then also a wood inlay that really makes the wakeboard different. Scott Bechard and I really spent a lot of time developing the Hyperlite B-Side wakeboard, so I hope everyone out there enjoys it.



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