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Dave here at The House, talking shop on the Burton Supermodel snowboard, awesome freeride deck. What you’re looking at here, you got a 1 cm larger nose than tail. It’s going to promote the float and the good stuff, give you little less of your leg burn. Basically, from there, just make it a really good all around freeride snowboard with that minimal amount of taper, so it’s really good on hard pack, icy terrain, so you can take this anywhere on the mountain.

What you’re looking at here, you’ve got a directional snowboard, little bit longer nose than tail, twin-flex shape, so it’s really, really balanced. This one will have what’s called the Powder Fly II Core. It’s going to put lighter weight woods in the nose of the snowboard to combat the fact that it’s got a little bit longer nose than tail, makes it really balanced when you go on through like trees and stuff like that. If you are spinning off the cliff or something like that, you can definitely handle that, and be well balanced while you’re doing that.

From there, you got the Channel system, tried and true, super durable, way better snowboard feel, way better cushioning, way easier adjustability. Definitely look around this with the pair of EST snowboard bindings. You got regular front and sidewall running into a horizontal at the nose and the tail, really good meat for bite and hold at the initial point of contact and then reduce weight with the slant wall through the center, super good configuration there.

The base, you’re looking at their sintered, N2O WFO base, same on this and actually, the higher end Supermodel X, so you get kind of an upgrade with this one. One of the best bases they make super impregnated with wax from the factory last for a given time every time you take it out of the box and only gets faster the more you wax it.

From there, for fiberglasses one, you got their Triax with the Carbon I-Beam, really stiff fiberglass lay up with Carbon running down the center, still keeps the snowboard torsionally loose, but when you need it and you’re looking for the overall flex, that stiffens it up for sure. This is an awesome snowboard. You know, if you’re a freerider, that’s not jumping in the park you much, looking a kill it out West, or you know, pretty much anywhere. It’s a good snowboard, you check it out, it’s really versatile, Burton Supermodel snowboard.



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  1. carl August 17, 2013 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    Bring this model back !

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