Dave here at the house, talking about the snowboard that I have put most of my ex- girlfriend’s on- the Burton G Twin snowboard-not because I hate them, but because it’s actually a really good snowboard.

Definitely my favorite from the Burton line, basically kind of like a woman UnInc snowboard. Which they unfortunately discontinued this year. The GTwin survives. You’ve got two-twin, high end flux. Definitely going to be able to handle any type of running. It’s going to be really good for that intermediate to advanced all-mountain freestyle rider. Works great in the park, works great in the pike. Can handle natural terrain. Like I said, true twin for everything on it—the stance, the flex, the side cut, the insert, everything.

From there, we run the Channel System. Channel is definitely the biggest leap forward I’ve seen Burton do in the 22 years I’ve been riding. If you are doing this snowboard, you gotta rock it with a pair of EST snowboard bindings. This one really partners up really good with the Molotovs, so check those out.

Other than that, you’ve got the Park Fly 2 core. You are going to put really durable woods through the center here. It does have the engineered grain direction running out to the edges. So just put the grain wood through like this– takes all the energy from the track and snowboard binding. Puts it out to the snowboard edge, gives it a really bite. Really good hold. In the nose and tail end, they are going to use lighter woods, this makes the swing weight better for it. It’s going to make it react quicker through the tree wells.

Like I said, this is really high in construction 1045 sidewalls—you’ve got really meaty, almost vertical angle right over the edge itself. It’s going to give you a lot of impact resistance, lot durability, really good grip. But the top is slanted back to reduce the weight for the system. Graphic on this one year is killing it for sure. Can’t complain about that one, base here—we’re looking at high end center base.

It’s going to absorb a lot of wax. Going to get faster through the life of it. But definitely very high end for a twin snowboard, for sure. Other than that, infinite rides built into this pup. It’s going to be stuck in the machine that simulates about two to three years of usage, maybe even four. So when you flex it right out of the bag, it’s going to flex the same a few years down the road. Flex rating on this one; definitely it’s a more supportive twin: 4.5 to 5-ish, which is what gives it its other terrain handling capability.

Super, super cool snowboard. It’s got the pro-tip, meaty side wall running to really thin nose and tail. And then elliptical kick definitely helps it float up one the pow a little bit better. Super, cool snowboard–Burton GTwin snowboard.



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