Paddleboard Windsurfing Crossovers

Are you looking to get back into windsurfing? Have you ever considered Stand up Paddleboarding? Looking for a great way for the whole family to have fun?  Well, now you can with help of  paddleboard windsurfing crossovers, like the Bic Jungle Windsurfing Stand up Paddleboard and Amudson Paddleboard with Aquaglide 6.5m Impact Sail.

If you are new to windsurfing you may want to get a paddleboard with a smaller sail such as the Aquaglide 5.5 Windsurfing Rig (Great for newbies who weighs under 175lb).

If you’re an experienced rider looking to ride waves then the Mistral Pacifico Paddleboard might be for you. If you are looking for  pleasure and versatility you might want to try the Bic Jungle SUP Board.

WARNING! Stand Up Paddleboarding and Windsurfing may cause an increase in endorphin levels, producing a feeling of euphoria, which is contagious and highly addictive!

Stand up paddleboarding and Windsurfing are two completely different sports. It can take  a few weeks to become proficient at Windsurfing, whereas a person can learn to paddleboard in about an hour. (And ladies, you may be able to learn even faster due to your superior balance and lower center of gravity.)

Paddleboard Windsurfing Crossovers

Paddleboard crossovers are great in many conditions such as:

  • Windy days when it is too rough to go out for a paddle
  • Wind conditions between 5-20 mph
  • Small surf- head high waves and below
  • Scenic paddle across the lake or down a river
  • Excellent core workout
  • Perfect for cabins or lake homes
  • Easy to lean and fun for all ages


7 Responses to “Paddleboard Windsurfing Crossovers”

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  2. Patrick Harren on said:

    Can you recommend a paddleboard that goes straight when you paddle on just one side, and is also suitable for a beginner windsurfer?

  3. danaw on said:

    All boards are going to turn a little bit when paddling on only one side. You could pick up a Touring/Race SUP, which has a canoe like bow which will help it run straighter, faster and smother through choppy water. If you looking for a board for both windsurfing and SUPin check out the BIC Jungles Wind/SUP. These Boards both have a mast track for a sail and will work for both windsurfing and paddleboarding. The bigger 10’10” Bic Jungle also has Saber style daggerboard makes it easier for directional stability and upwind sailing.

    Here are few tips to help you paddle straighter:
    1.Make sure the fin is set as far back as the fin box will keep the board moving in a strait line longer.
    2.Try and keep you Paddle close to the board and the shaft is as vertical as possible.
    3. Practice!!!

  4. karie on said:

    I am considering buying a 12′ 6″ wailer sailboard to use for paddleboarding. is this a good idea?


  5. karie on said:

    can I use a wailer wind sail as a paddleboard? It is 12’6″ long and over 50 lbs.

  6. Dana on said:

    Of course, give it a try. How wide is the board? In some cases windsurfer will work just fine. Today they are even making Windsurfer hybrids Stand UP Paddleboard which are perfect for people who want to dabble in both sports. Such as the Bic jungle and a the Starboard SUper Windsufer.

  7. Dana on said:

    how wide and thick is it? I would test it out first if you can.

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