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Cody “C3” Prudoehl might be the greatest man on the planet.  This Super Rep has tons on his plate but never misses a moment to let you know he cares.  Cody has been repping Nitro strong for a few years now and has a solid foundation of support from riders, shops, and brand managers across the nation.

If you pass him while he’s driving the Benzito cargo van give him a thumbs up, if you see him in a shop give him a high five.  Cheers to you buddy.

Cody “C3” Prudoehl

Age: 18 for 8 years now (26)

Birthday: No. I’m a tangible example that given the right amount of dog food and second hand smoke, you can actually raise a Sea Monkey to full adulthood!

Spirit Animal:  RockDoor- The LargeMouth-ain Goat Bass

– Where did you grow up and what was it like there?
I was raised on a 140 acre Dairy Farm in South Eastern, Minnesota a stones throw away from the Mississippi River Valley.   It was situated on the top of the valley above the river, in a small farming community called, Lewiston!  I find myself, years later, reminiscing on how fortunate I really was to call it my home, plenty of land to ride my dirt bikes, and four wheelers on, world renown trout fishing streams literally in my back yard, and the freedom to roam anywhere.

– How old were you when you went on your first date? Where did you go?
I think, I was 8 or 9 Years Old!    I recall it, being the scariest thing I had ever done.  Being a Husky, rosy cheek, farm boy scarcely presented the opportunity to experience the ways of the opposite sex so, you can imagine, I was FREAKING OUT!  I went to roller skate with most beautiful, girl I had ever seen at Skate Town in Holmen, WI!  I had never been skating before so inevitably, I ended up face planting, then, out of shear pity, I’m sure, she held my hand as we rolled around the Skate Town oval!  I WANTED TO RUN HOME THE ENTIRE TIME!

– What did you like to do in your free time? What do you do now?
On our Farm, I was ALWAYS OUTSIDE.  Apparently, I adopted an intense, fascination with our Dairy Cows at a very, young age too!  My mother, enjoys sharing a story of working around our house one day, and after leaving me alone for a few minutes, came to check on me to realize I was nowhere to be found!  After searching the whole house and our barns, found me trying to rodeo ride our dairy calves in the barn, yelling, “ Moo! Cow! Moo!”  I did all the typical things of a young child with plenty of room to roam, made forts, fished in our family’s stream, played basketball, got insanely close to dying on my dirt bike, climbed trees to shake apples out for my grandma, drove cattle in from the pasture for my grandpa, and overall made my own fun where ever I went, with a little imagination and creativity!
Now, I do all the same things but there are a little less cattle involved!

– Did you admire a famous person? What made them admirable?
Mr. James Bond himself!  He had the fastest cars, coolest gadgets, most beautiful women, and the debonair demeanor that I always sought to mimic!

– What is something that you are really proud of and why?
I, without a doubt, find most consolation in breadth of understanding keeping an open mind has provided me as a whole, well rounded person!  I commonly find myself experiencing life in whole new frame of reference, when I open up my mind and allow someone much, much older than me the time to share their thoughts and opinions in an open non-judgmental forum!  There are many interesting people out there, if you don’t engage them, we will all spend the entirety of our lives on a monochromatic coast!

– David Lee Roth or Sammy Haggar?
I’m only gonna tell you one time….Slammy Haggard!




1.  Drake Bindings – Fifty Binding

2.  Northwave Boots – Freedom SL Boot

3.  Sessions Clothing – MVP Jacket

4.  Chrome Bags – Citizen Messenger Bag

5.  Bakoda Accessories – Stud Trac Stomp Pad

6.  Space Craft Artist Collective – Nemo Beanie

7.  Airblaster Clothing – Airpill Goggle

8.  Nitro Snowboards – Haze Snowboard

9.  Nitro Snowboards – T1 Snowboard

10.  Banshee Bungee – 20′ Bungee



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