Merrell Encore Ice Shoe Review

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Welcome to Merrell. Inside out and outside in. A technical guide to Merrell footwear. Today we’ll be talking about the Encore Ice. Hi, I’m Megan, the Merrell North-East tech rep. This is one of my favorite shoes to wear just kicking around, doing some errands, a nice winter shoe to put on in the house. It’s comfortable, it’s warm and it’s supportive. If we look at the inside of the shoe, look at all of this wonderful shearling. The shearling does a great job with keeping your feet warm and moving the air throughout the shoe. We also have out Merrell patented Air Cushion, that helps with that initial strike and disipating some of the shock. We also have an arch shank which helps keep proper flex of the shoe. And then we have our Merrell proprietary Qform mid-sole in it. Over all this is a wonderful shoe for support, warmth and ultimate comfort. So I hope you learned something today about the Encore Ice from Merrell and as we say at Merrell: Let’s get outside.


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