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From the Liquid Force family of wake surf boards we have the new 5’2” Noserider. Don’t let the name fool you – this is a board you can rip, from all over the board. Whether you’re standing on the nose, cruising through the middle, or driving the board off the tail, this 5 ‘2” rips. It’s made in a lightweight surfboard construction. This is a C&C’d, foam core, stringer blank cut from my original master file of the original protos that I shaped for the team, and tested extensively. It’s hand-wrapped, hand sanded, it’s a super lightweight board and it really performs. The bottom features a big concave underneath the nose, and this will give you lift and support so you can just hang out on the tip of this board and still bring it up and down. Now all of this flows to the center of the board, a slight V with a subtle concave between the two outside fins. You’ll notice this board has a removable fin system. This allows you to ride it as a tri or as a single, and the center plugs allow you three positions of the center fin, so you can make the board ride super loose, or push it all the way back where it will give you more drive and more projection out of turns. The 5’2” Noserider is just a great board, and you’ve got to try it to love it.


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