New for 2011 are the Liquid Force Mods and the Liquid Force Signals. What we’ve done for 2011 is we’ve completely reworked the concaves, the whole deck of the Mods and Signals. It features a deeper concave, we thinned out the profile and lowered you into the board, giving you more feel, more responsiveness, more control of your ride. Also increased, the tip kicks, so your kick tails are more pronounced, and just giving you better rider feel. These boards feature a single concave running through the center. This exits out an edge, a center slot, for more control and hold. Lets you ride with a really little small fin. They also feature a variable edge rail, which gives you some forgiveness through the middle of the board, and it rolls out the edge, getting progressively sharper out the tail. The Mods feature an asymetric shape. On both Mods and Signals, the nose is a little wider than the tail. The Mods come with a durable compression molded construction, tough base material, and a grip tape top. If you want a board with an EVA top, not as rough on your feet, you can try out one of our Signals. These come with a molded EVA top, but all the other features – the design, the size, all the bottom contours are the same as the liquid Force Mods.

Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate 42Liquid Force Mod WakeskateLiquid Force Signal Wakeskate 40 EVA Top


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