Liquid Force Custom Wake Surf Board Review

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The Liquid Force Customs Wake Surf Board also come in two sizes of single fins. This is the single fin with the Force Custom 4’2, it’s a super lightweight shape and the smallest wake surfer we make. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you need to be a little kid to ride it. Because of its super lightweight construction, the stringer core, and a hand laminated fiberglass shell this board has super buoyancy. The single fin allows you to drive and spin this shape. You have a beveled edge rolling through the nose which helps you to keep the nose edge free, especially that outside nose rail all that water coming off the back of the boat, this board breaks free of that and gives you a lot of forgiveness. The edge gets sharper and sharper as it runs through the tail of the board. Single concave through the center gives you lots of lift, and if you’re a bigger rider and get a smaller wake you can check out the 4’10 for all the support you need. Liquid Force also offer this board in a 4’6 thruster setup. It features a wider tail shape, gives you a wider lift, and gives you a little more flexibility of playing around with the fin setup either as a single, twin, or tri. So check out one of Liquid Forces line of wake surfboards if you true performance.


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