Kelty Satellite 30 Degrees Doublewide Sleeping Bag Review

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The Satellite 30 Kelty sleeping bag is as close as you can get to bringing your home mattress in to the great outdoors. This Kelty Satellite 30 Degrees Doublewide sleeping bag has a fitted sheet style bottom that fits perfectly over a queen size air mattress. An elastic draw cord ensures a snug fit under the mattress. The upper half of the Satellite can be fully unzipped to be used as a separate blanket or to create a lightweight, single sleeping bag. The bottom half of the bag, attached to the fitted sheet, is still insulated to help protect against the cold ground and to offer a little extra padding. And then when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve integrated mesh storage pockets at the foot and the sides, keeping your personal items close and off the ground. Finally, when you’re not using your Satellite, simply fold it in half, secure it with the toggles, and roll it up. We’ve located compression straps at the foot of the bag for when you need to store it. Whether you’re looking for the comforts of home on your next camping trip or want to be prepared for an overnight guest, the Satellite offers an innovated, all-inclusive solution.


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