K2 Uprise Binding

This is the K2 Uprise Snowboard Binding. It is an auto system. It has an auto system and it’s great. There’s one ratchet, as you see, on the ankle strap. And this ankle strap is actually connected through this auto chastity, which is nylon and fiber glass to the toe strap. So when you tighten your ankle strap, the auto chastity allows your toe strap to tighten. It’s pretty cool. The rock lock high back is pretty awesome as well. Notice that there’s no forward lean adjustment because the forward lean adjustment is actually your high back. There’s teeth on the back side of your high back and there’s ridges on the inside of the heel cup. To get more or less forward lean, all you have to do is move this tool-less adjustment either back or forward. It gives you no gap in between your high back and your heel cup and allows you to fully customize the way your high back is.

K2 has the eco straps which are very comfortable. They’re called The Custom Caddy Ankle Straps. They have ladder hiders to keep snow off of your straps, and there is a tool-less sentry adjustment as well. Pull up on leather. Adjust it to make this ankle strap centered on the middle of your boot. The universal easy toe straps are basically two little polyurethane cables, and there’s micro adjusters as well. So if you need to get this toe strap centered on your boot, you do that with the micro adjusters. There’s only one ratchet on this binding, and it’s the air light ratchet. It has a very, very long lever, so you’ll be able to get a lot of leverage when you tighten this binding in. The foot beds have harsh mellow padding. If you’ll notice these little pads right there. The damper vibration that you have when you ride. And the foot bed is canted at 3 degrees. It aligns your ankles, your knees, and your hips for a smoother ride all day long. Again, check this out. K2 Uprise. It’s a flagship of innovation and I think it’s going to work well for you.


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