K2 Amp Photon Skis

K2 Amp Photon Skis

The K2 Photon’s are for skiers who are mostly into groomers but are not afraid to go off the trail once in a while. With the All Terrain rocker profile these skis are great in all types of snow conditions. The rocker makes the ski playful and forgiving while the camber underfoot gives the skis power, energy, and edge-hold.  This makes these skis easy to use while still providing great performance. K2 built these bad boys to be easy on the wallet and heavy on the fun!

Features of the K2 AMP Photon Skis

  • All-Terrain Rocker
  • Glass web
  • Built for 70% Groomed, 30% Back Country
  • Fir / Aspen Core
  • RADIUS: 17m

All-Terrain Rocker

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