Types of Wakesurf Board

Wakesurf Board Construction:

There are two basic Wakesurf Boards construction styles: compression molded and composite surf style boards.

  • Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards
    1. Built the same as a wakeboard
    2. Heavier and more durable (better for beginners)
    3. Usually thinner and shorter
    4. Typically more budget friendly
  • Composite Style Wakesurf Boards
    1. Surfboard style construction- foam core with hand layed glass
    2. Lighter, more buoyant and more fragile (handle with care)
    3. Performs well in smaller ,”mushier” waves
    4. Better for airs and surf style riding


Examples of three different types of wakesurf board styles:

Surf Style–  Great for bigger guys who are looking for that surfing feel. Characterized by bigger boards, surf-style wake surfing utilizes the whole wave with snaps, carves, ollies and aerials. Normally surf-style wakesurf boards have bigger fins and are longer than skim style wakesurf boards. Typical they have a fin size that is greater than 2.5” and board length of  5’2” or longer.

Hybrid or Freestyle Twin– The newest addition to wake surfing is a blend of the Surf and Skim style wakesurf board designs. The end goal is to make a board that combines the playfulness of a skim board with the feel and responsiveness of a surf-style board.

Skim Style– Typically, but not always, skim board style wakesurf boards are compression molded. They are a little wider, shorter and thinner than a traditional wakesurf board. Skim style riding includes more surface oriented tricks like spinning and shove-it maneuvers.  A Skim style wakesurf board typically has less rocker and fins that are under 2.5 inches.

Directional Vs. Twin Tip Wakesurf Boards:

Unlike twin tip boards directional boards (i.e. single tip) are more difficult to ride switch (the opposite of riding naturally facing forward). Advanced riders who are looking to improve their bag-of-tricks out on the waves may prefer twin tip boards.

Twin tip boards such as the O’Brien Alias TT Wake surf board and the CWB Blackjack Wake surf board are designed to ride both ways. This allows for an increase in the boards versatility creating a more skate inspired surf session. A lot of hybrid boards are directionally shaped with a front fin to help increase stability when riding switch.

Some simple rules you should follow while wakesurfing

  1. Only surf behind inboard motors. You could end up losing or dramatically disfiguring one of your limbs. (Warning, do not click hyperlink if you have a weak stomach. May not be appropriate for children.)
  2. Respect others and know your surrounding effects- When your boat is weighted correctly you can turn a glassy lake into a gnarly wave pool.
  3. Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning, if you start getting a headache or feeling light headed TAKE A BREAK! To learn more visit Boating Safety Resource Center

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  3. Nice info, I’m just starting to look for a surfboard.. Thanks for sharing the love.

  4. Is it possible to put surfboard fins on a wakesurfer an surf in the ocean? Also is it possible to have a leash put on a wakesurfer??

  5. Anything is possible.

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