GNU Riders Choice Snowboard 2012

This is the brand new GNU Riders Choice Snowboard. It was designed by all the GNU riders and this is what they came up with. A 2012 Good Wood Winner definitely one hell of a board. It’s a twin-tipped shape board with a C2 Banana Technology—the C2BTX Technology. It’s got a cool baseline shape. In between your bindings you’re going to have a reverse camber shape. Underneath the bindings to the nose and the tail, you’re actually going to have a cambered shape.


This board is going to be very playful at slow speeds and on jibs, but you’re not going to sacrifice the ollie pump that you need to get off that lip or get on to that rail because of the cambered shape that it has on both the nose and on the tail. So if you like ollies or nollies, this is going to be a great freestyle board to go all over the place. Besides the Banana, the C2BTX shape, it has the Magne-Traction as well. The Magne-Traction edge is a serrated shape edge that has more contact with the snow than a regular sidecut radius edge. If you ride ice, this is going to be a great board. Because this board has more contact, it’s going to be bite better. Magne-traction is one thing that’s really revolutionized the snowboard industry, and we can thank GNU and Mervin Manufacturing for that.

The sintered base, of course, is going to be low maintenance, which is great, and the tip to tail wood core is called AG1 Sustainable Wood Core. And what makes this thing as stiff as it is—it actually has a flex rating between a 4.5 and a 6, depending on the size. The larger sizes will usually be a little bit more stiff than smaller sizes. But the quasi glass runs in four different directions—at 45 degrees, -45 degrees, at 0 degrees, and at 90 degrees, of course. This is a great board. It’s a Riders Choice. It has big stance options. You can go from 20 ½ wide to about 25 inches wide. The graphics are pretty bad ass. They’re done by [Second World] and Tim Karpinski. Definitely check this thing out. It’s the GNU Rider’s choice, and I think it might be my choice this year. We’ll see.

Flex Rating

  • Regular Flex 4.5- 6 Depending On Size
  • Wide Flex 5.5- 7 Depending On Size

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  1. Mountain Weekly News October 7, 2013 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    I wanted a ride that could handle anything I threw at it across the entire mountain, the Gnu Riders Choice comes in a twin shape with C2 Power Banana/Camber Combo, and Magne-Traction. Holy leather jackets, Batman!

    Catching my first glimpse of the Gnu Riders Choice Snowboard actually gave me the urge to hop on a Harley and cruise down the highway into the sunset. The leatherworks depicted on the topsheet are just a hint as to how hardcore this board is.

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