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Flow Merc Snowboard 2011

Flow Snowboards, Snowboard Boots & BindingsThis is a Flow Merc all mountain freestyle board. You can get your budget on and your ride on with this thing. The slightly directional shape sets back the stance just a little bit. The nose is going to be of course a little bit longer than the tail. The tail is going to be a little bit stiffer than the nose. Flow ‘s EZ-Rock shape is pretty unique. There’s camber underneath the bindings, in between the bindings there’s reverse camber with a convex shape, and the nose and the tail are going to be flat. The Dual Transitional sidecut radius will help you cruise at high speeds and at low speeds.

Coming into turns and exiting turns the sidewall is going to be a little bit more mellow; and in the middle of your turn it’s going to be a little more aggressive. There’s a tighter sidecut radius in the center of this board. The TruFlex Core brings multiple density poplar woods from nose to tail. The strength to weight ratio of poplar woods is very very high. The biax fiberglass runs in two different directions, at 90 degrees and at zero degrees.

Flow has decided to put a majority of their fiberglass running at zero degrees for a little bit more torsional pop. The extruded Optix 2000 base makes these graphics pop and makes you not have to waste time waxing your snowboard. This is the Flow Merc all mountain snowboard. Riding on a budget, this is your best friend.

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  1. Hi, this might sound a little bit stupid, but I’m wondering that since its slightly directionial,which end is the nose and which is the tail (by looking at the graphic)?

  2. gufrocks on said:

    The Flow logo on the topsheet is placed on the tail of the snowboard.

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