Flow boots, snowboards, and bindings are used by world class athletes like Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, and Sarka Pancochova. Since 1996, Flow has offered a wide range of gear, designed for snowboarding by snowboarders. Whether you are new to the sport or seasoned pro, Flow has gear that is fine tuned to perform in the park, pipe and backcountry.

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Flow. Just one word with lots of implications. In music, having good flow represents silky delivery of lyrics that glide without interruption. In nature, flow refers to the natural course of a stream, or the blood in our veins. Flow then represents interacting with an art form that is both natural, and an inherent part of our being. At Flow, their snowboards represent the tangible interpretation of what that connection means.

Flow means waking up in the morning to fresh powder, and making a cup o' joe to fuel your morning ride. Flow means having a long day at the slopes with your best friends, then winding down with a couple of cold ones. This company represents the latest innovations in snowboarding technology. Whiskey Technology, Quadrax Reinforcement, and Sintered 4000 represent just a few of their advancements.

Confused? Well, you should be. When you hold their boards to such a high standard as they do, you're bound to end up with some complicated terminology. We won't get into the complicated names for our boots, but you can rest assured that they’re designed for durability with serious snowboarders in mind. Don't you wish you had that kind of Flow? You can. Check out The House’s wide variety of Flow snowboards and conquer.

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