Flow Infinite Review

Flow Infinite Reverse Camber Snowboard – 2011

Flow Snowboards, Snowboard Boots & BindingsThe Flow Infinite snowboard. This is an all mountain, freestyle board will make anybody happy because of the infinite possibilities. The directional shape will keep you happy wherever you go. The nose is going to be a touch longer than the tail. The tail is going to be a little bit stiffer than the nose and the stance is slightly set back. Flow‘s I-Rock shape is pretty unique because in between the bindings the board is actually convex and has reverse camber. Underneath the bindings the board is camber and the nose and tail are just a touch flat.

The sidecut radius is dual progressive; at the beginning and end of the sidecut radius it’s going to be very smooth, but in the middle it’s going to have a little bit tighter sidecut radius. So, when you’re cruising down the hill at 90 mph you’re going to stay stable, and when you’re down at the bottom of the hill just buttering around, you’re going to be able to have a fun and playful time. Flow‘s Truflex Core runs tip to tail, and it has dual density poplar woods which have a great strength to weight ratio.

The glass is amazing, It feature Flow‘s Whiskey Royal which increases the compression strength by 25% because of the Quadratics with carbon glass. The glass runs in four different directions: at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, negative 30 degrees and at positive 30 degrees. The majority of the glass does run from tip to tail at 90 degrees, and there are carbon micro strands that run tip to tail as well. This board is going to be pretty snappy. It’s going to give you a much better feel than a traditional Triax fiberglass that runs in three different directions. You’re going to be able to push this board to the limits. The base is going to stay very, very fast if you wax it. It is a Sintered 4000 base. It has the ultra high molecular weighted compound. It reduces the amount of vibrations and it’s going to stay fast. It’s a cool looking board, lots of amazing features, this is the Flow Infinite snowboard!


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