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Hey, Scott Bouchard here. Moving on to the next board in the line force, we have The Assault. The Assault’s one of my favorite boards of all time in the Byerly line; it’s got a really aggressive tracking pattern, it holds insane, super fast rocker line to it. We built in the engineered fiberglass sidewalls to this board that make the sidewalls pretty much impact resistant, along with adding a lot of tortional ¬†stiffness to the board.

This¬†board, I can’t say enough good things about it, it’s a tried and true proven model. We’re running into the second year with the assault, we did make some big changes to it this year with the graphics and the appearance of it, but we’ve got all the same quality internals in it that we did last year. Not only does The Assault have the fiberglass sidewalls that run all the way around it, it’s got a full nylon ABS beam that’s built inside. So basically with these beams you could grind them until you’re blue in the face and you’ll never have them split and have bone showing out of them. The ABS internals will allow you to grind to a point and then you hit the ABS beams themselves; and they’ll last forever no matter what you grind them on. This board also has a raised riding platform like I like to do on so many of my shapes, it really allows me to thin out the tips and tail on this board, reduce a lot of the swing weight at the same time, add a lot of flex to the tip and tail, and will maintain your rocker line in between your feet. In all my shapes I really try to focus on having flex, but the proper type of flex. If the board’s flexing in between your feet, it’s going to load and unload out the wake inconsistently. Pretty much in all the Byerly line right now in how it’s designed and developed, the boards really tend to flex in the tip area, so they hinge, spring, load off the wake and give you a real consistent, even pop. We’re making The Assault this year in two sizes, it’s available in a 53″ that I’m showing you here, we’re also going to make The Assault this year in a 55″ length.One of my favorite boards of all time, I really recommend The Assault. A couple of changes to this board this year: we used a lighter foam construction which gave the board about a half pound weight difference, so it weighs a little less this year. I mean, it’s the board I’ve been riding all year last year, it’s probably one of the funnest boards I’ve ever put on my feet. It’s got a nice flex in the tip and tail which gives it a super soft landing, and really long beams which gives the board a super hard edge into the wake. It holds up super well on rails and I love it.

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