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Jayson Henderson started snowboarding 26 years ago and still loves it as much now as he did back then.  Technology has changed for the better, and Jayson doesn’t have to ride a Burton Elite with Sorrel Boots anymore.

Jayson has been a Sales Rep for Burton Snowboards for 9 years and it shows in his clinic presentation.  Jayson is beyond well spoken and can can guide you through the Burton Snowboards product line like the breeze.  Working closely with Matt Hoffman and Keith Lipski, also Burton Snowboards Midwest Reps, Jayson travels a 9 state region throughout the year.  When he’s not blasting around on his skateboard or cruising the hill Jayson is laying down turns racing his motorcycle.

I’m sure Jayson feels blessed to work with Burton Snowboards, one of the oldest companies in the industry.  Burton Snowboards, a garage startup company established in 1977, has always been rider owned and operated.  Burton Snowboards has done tremendous things for the industry; built the Chill program  a community based program designed to give underprivileged children the opportunity to ride, created the world’s best rider focused snowboard contest the  Burton Global Open Series, started the Learn To Ride program that assists new riders in learning new skills, and of course has been the leading innovator in snowboard technology with the help of the new Craig’s Proto Facility.

It’s always great to have Jayson at the shop.  His positive energy and enthusiasm about new Burton Snowboards product are always running on high.  When you see him riding, try to stump him with a snowboard tech question, watch his face lightup, and you’ll get a perfect answer.

1.  Burton Snowboards – Imperial Boot

2.  Burton Snowboards – Process Snowboard

3.  Burton Snowboards – Barracuda Snowboard

4.  Burton Snowboards – Diode Binding



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