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At Radar lab they use computer aided design and top of the line CNC machinery and hours of product testing to make some of the best skis on the skis on the market.  Radars ideals are based on the evolution of slalom theory and design rooted in over 50 years of waterski experience.


Radar Waterski Technology

Edge Profile

Multiple sharp rail increase edge hold by creating a ski that flows freely through turns, reducing drag and amplified speed. The multiple sharps also gives the skier supreme confidence allowing control the ski with very little rider input.


Parallel Sidecut

By eliminating the the extreme pivot point and thus increasing the effective edge you get a waterski that gain an a great deal of tip to tail supports giving the rider the ability to to leverage the the tip of the ski allowing you to keep in a proper turning positions with less movement form the ski in the water.

Tunnel Shape

The depth of concave  fades into a flat surface at the tip, creating a ride that is unhindered from tip bite or erratic speed breaks. This shape also  allows for smooth waterflow entering the concave for a consistent ride.


3 Stage Rocker – (Flat spot with continuous rocker in the tip and tail.)

The flat spost allows you to run with speed while also creating a stable platform for turn Initiation. The continuous rocker in the tip and tail allow for smoother turns and transitions.



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