2012 Midwest Melee

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If you ever get the chance to skate in the Midwest Melee, do it.  If you ever get the chance to watch the Midwest Melee, do it.

A few years ago we did the 3rd Lair Summer Series with Benny Milam and everyone was killing it.  Now, well, you could say things escalated quickly and the level of skating has popped through the roof.  Every grom from the Summer Series has grown into bearded who destroy the Midwest Melee.

The 2012 Midwest Melee was a spectacular display of skill and progression and only 3rd Lair could host such a great event.  Qualifiers were a bloodbath battle of epic proportions on Saturday, and by the time Semi-Finals and Finals came around on Sunday it was an all out war.  In between skater’s 60 second runs the park got flooded for 10 seconds with riders trying to dial in last minute tricks (absolute chaos).

The sweatiest man in the park award went to Danny Kern who thrashed around like there was no tomorrow insight,  Corey Millett landed bolts more times than anyone else, and Kenny Peterson ripped his was into 4th place.  The Midwest Melee never disappoints, ever.

2012 Midwest Melle Final Results

8 & Under
1st Leif Trasser
2nd Zyler Tracey
3rd Marcus Moore
4th Dayin Sylavong
5th Blayne Kildahl

9 to 12
1st Jasper Steinbach
2nd Matthew Stokke
3rd Lance O’Connor
4th Jakob Amundsen
5th Carter (Enzo) Nguyen
6th Duncan Seltzer
7th Caleb Roepke
8th Jake Shug
9th Anthony Culhane
10th Jack Quarles

13 & Up
1st Ben Fjerstad
2nd Devante Erlandsen
3rd Stone Sullivan
4th Robert Iyer-Erickson
5th Jamiroquai Tyler
6th Dallas Thurston
7th Collin Hartgrave
8th Justin Larue
9th Noah Fjerstad
10th Scott Arndt

1st Dan Coe
2nd Tanner VanVark
3rd Malik Jones
4th Kenny Peterson
5th Jake Rogers
6th Shalom Larson
7th Jonathon Reese
8th Lucas Fillhouer
9th Timmy Johnson
10th Corey Millett
11th Kevin Heger
12th Tye Halek
13th Eli Rashad
14th Justin Derick
15th Benny Milam
16th Henry Gartland
17th Danny Kern
18th Jace Torkelson
19th Anna Reese
20th Ryan Wood




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