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Ronix Wakeboards

Ronix One Wakeboard

Hi, I’m Danny Harf. I’ve been a pro wake boarder for ten years now and designing board shapes for ten years as well.  This is my 2011 One pro model and I’m going to tell you about its features. So, I guess basically why we call this board the One collection is because I was the first to call Paul and Brian and tell them that I was in to ride for Ronix. So, this is pro model “numero uno” for me and I was also the first Ronix team rider officially. So, one collection here it is: rider number One. What I look for in a board is a board, that’s going to have a nice mellow turn to it. I like a board that can break loose and I definitely like a board that can hold an edge when you want it to. So, what I’ve done is you know, coming from having a surf background and basically just liking more of a free-ride style board. I went to an edge that has real surf style edge and I think that’s one of the main features of my board that gives it a distinct ride. Depending on where you shift your weight on the board, whether you’re more tail-heavy or more front-foot heavy, it really changes the board reacts in the water. So, I feel that if I’m coming into the wave more for a spin or I want the board to release, I can come in more front-foot heavy and really use that rail to help me release and load into a spin. Then if I’m going for a bigger trick into the flats or going for more of an edge-style trick, then I’ll come in a lot more tail-heavy and really drive that edge through the weight. I always kind of thought I liked slower three-stage board that sat deep in the water, but when we decided to start Ronix August 1, 2006, I really decided to reinvent the wheel on this three-stage rocker board. I think what we came up with was a three stage board that still has a lot of top-water speed and still has a lot of high performance features with still that free-ride shape. Basically one of the main features of this board is this surf rail and basically all that is, is the rail is a lot more rounded out compared to the edge and the tip of the tail. So what that does, is it gives you a real forgiving mellow turn when you get on edge and also gives it more of that surf feel as the board can break loose more easily on the water. As that surf variable edge moves into the tip and tail of the board, it actually goes to a sharper edge. Basically right under your feet so, you can shift the board onto that hard edge by leaning back and onto that soft edge by leaning forward. This board’s bottom design is realclean and simple. The center of the board is completely flat, other than this gentle, beveled up edge into the round rail, and then, as that round edge start to transition into the harder edge, it becomes a cup rail in the tip and tail and there’s also a small molded in fin here that helps stabilize the board as its transitions from that round edge onto the hard edge. So, now the board can carry even more speed coming into the wake for a three-stage board without losing any of the pop. This board is made in our exclusive Ronix factory using an imported European mob core foam that’s lighter and stronger. This board has what we call the Krypto cable and basically that goes around the perimeter edge of the board, which reinforces not only the edge, but also the torsional flex that the wakeboard gets. As one foot works one way, and one foot is working against that, the board can actually get a torsional flex, that strengthens the whole board and also, keeps it from dangling on the rails, or docks, or whatever you might drop your board on. This board is also reinforced with a carbon that runs through the center of the board, stiffens the board, and actually helps to keep the rocker line intact. Because as you’re riding, and landing, and cutting over chop, and through the wake, the board is going to flex so that carbon basically keeps that board as stiff as possible.

Ronix One Atr Edition

New for 2011 is the new Ronix ATR edition altering ride. Another cool feature of this ATR edition is the sintered slider base, which not only holds up better on rails than any other slider base out there but also, holds the same speed as the board rides on the water. So, you’re definitely not losing any speed on rails or on the water surface with our sintered slider base. Another cool feature of this ATR edition is the fact that it comes with four slider fins, which are a thicker broader fin. So, not only does it hold up better on rails and most cable parks will let you use it, but also it will give your board “skater” feel. For anyone who doesn’t like the one inch fins tighter grip on the water, throw on the slider fins and it will give the board a totally different feel. I’m Danny Harf and this is my new 2011 One board part of the One collection. Go support your local pro shop and take it for a test drive.


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