2011 Forum Tramp Snowboard Boots Review

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This is the Forum Tramp Snowboard Boots. You can totally get tweaked out with these boots right here. Again, this is going to be a skate-influenced type of boot with articulated forward movement, so you won’t get that sock bunch. And the new Tweaker technology which means that this thing will be able to give you nice medial flex, flex towards the inside of your boot and help you keep a proper upright position when you press over the top and over the nose of your board. It has a Stage 2 or Level 2 liner, they’re not sacrificing comfort or fit with these boots whatsoever. It has the Good Vibe with F-Gel skate technology soles. These things are nice and soft and they’re nice and thin. You’re going to be able to feel your board, you’re going to be able to feel the rail underneath your boot when you ride with these things. The footbed is going to be the new Footpillow footbed. The Footpillow footbed sounds like it is, it’s actually, it feels like a pillow. You put your foot inside, it feels like you’re walking around on pillows all day. How comfortable would that be? How much less often would you go into a chalet if you were walking around on pillows? This thing has them, and it’s awesome. It has traditional laces, of course. I like traditional laces because you can separate the amount of pressure you want on the front of your shin, on the top of your foot. Some kids don’t like them, I do, and they also have the Gold Cuff Link lace liner, not gold, but it’s totally golden. All you have to do to release it, pull up, to tighten the lace liner, all you have to do is push down, lock it in, tuck in the excess material and another great thing about these Forum Snowboard boots is the Forever Fit construction. Forever Fit construction is an idea and a concept that Forum thought of, about instead of taking the whole, whole idea or the whole boot design. Kind of like constructing it from what it looks like on the outside and building in, they did it opposite. They started with the foot pillow and they built a level 2 liner around it and then of course everything else. I love this boot, pretty cool looking graphic or design, cool color. It has a flex rating of a 4 and I think you guys are definitely going to like the new Tweaker system that gives you a little bit more medial flex towards the inside of your boot. Forum Tramp Snowboard Boots, check them out.




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