2010 Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard Review

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The Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard is the fourth pro model I’ve developed with Philip Seven, and that just tells you how long Philip’s been with us and how much feedback he’s given us over the years. From a rippin’ grom to a dominator on the pro tour, Philip’s ridden a lot of shapes, and he’s had a lot of input into the kind of boards we’ve developed here at Liquid Force. Now his new board, the S4, features the progressive three-stage rocker, to give Phillip that high-popping arc off a wake, but to have the smooth transaction between the straighter midsection and the more exaggerated tip section, so the board is predictable and smooth. The S4 also features a low-volume rail, so that the board’s going to hook up and the rail’s going to set quicker, and it’s going to make the board faster, going to make it turn quicker. The S4 also features the double inside single concave, so that it displaces the water and helps soften the landings. It’s got deep edge channels that flow out through the tips, and these concaves flow into a quad V, placed between a unique quad fin setup. What’s unique about the S4 fin setup is, you’ll notice these outside fins feature a different kind of trailing edge. This is a cutaway trailing edge, and what this does is it gives you the feel of a long-base fin, once the fin’s hooked up. But this bumped forward trailing edge at the top gives you the feel of a fin that’s placed a little bit further forward, so it helps the board release quicker off the wake. Now these little small fins through the middle help the water stay attached through this center concave. And the center vent helps the water skip across this midsection V, so it gives it faster flow as it goes out the tip, making the whole board be faster. The S4 Shape comes in three sizes: a 134, a 138, and the 142.

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