Will they replace Olympic PGS with Slopestyle?

By Published On: March 1st, 20101 Comment

Grind TV

Photo: Squire via Getty Images

There was an article on Grind TV about the women’s PGS that happened on Friday. At the end or the article they had a paragraph that said there are rumors that PGS may not be around by the time the Winter Olympics get to Russia and it could be replaced by Slopestyle because of its popularity. The only stipulations would be that Russia would want to keep PGS because they are good at it and they could probably rake in a couple medals. That and the IOC usually likes to keep events that are races rather than ones that are judged to cut down on disputed medals.

It will be interesting to see what happens since the IOC and snowboarding have never really gotten along. Personally I think they should keep PGS and still add Slopestyle. Look how many different events there are in skiing.. I think they can give us that one.

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