So, you’ve done your research. You have everything you need to start snowboarding or believe you have what you need in your set-up already. Whether you are experienced or brand new to the sport, there is an unfortunate truth, sometimes theft happens at ski and snowboard resorts.

When you have taken the plunge and invested in the perfect snowboard and bindings, the last thing you want is to come out of the ticketing office to no set-up. Trust us – there is no worse feeling!

When left unattended, skis and snowboards are, unfortunately, easy to steal. With busy racks and everyone in facemasks and outerwear, regardless of if anyone is taking note, it can be hard to tell whether someone is stealing or simply grabbing their gear.

So, whether you have a twelve-year-old set-up or a brand-new deck, you will want to take the quick-step to lock it up. A low-cost snowboard lock is a lot cheaper than a new board!

Do I Really Need a Snowboard Lock?

You know this already; snowboarding gear can be expensive. You likely are or will become pretty attached to your board as well! Maybe it is the one you learned on or they simply discontinued it, either way, you plan on keeping it. So, save yourself the time, money, and energy of investing in a new snowboard and bindings and lock it up.

Locks are not just for the best products and expensive equipment; damaged decks and aged bindings are just as likely to be stolen from the racks.

Are There Different Types of Snowboard Locks?

Naturally, most of us are pretty trusting. After a solid few runs with friends, going into the chalet for lunch and leaving your board at the racks feels like “what could go wrong?” Putting trust in people is not a bad thing, but peace of mind is better.

There are cable locks with a retractable cable. You can lock your board to the ski rack, signage, or really anything else because the cable is often quite long. With some cable options, you can also lock-up several boards at once, depending on the length.

Some ski and snowboard locks come with keys; others have a combination style locking system. Key systems are nice because you do not run the risk of forgetting the combination during the down season or after taking a year off. However, combination systems are ideal because if you remember the code, you do not have to keep track of or carry keys.

All styles are designed to be lightweight and small, to fit easily in the pocket of your jacket. So, once again, there is really no reason not to carry one!

What Do I Look for in a Quality Snowboard Lock?

When shopping for a snowboard lock, consider the length of the cable. If you often travel with friends, it is nice to bring only one solid lock for about every two people. Less things in your pockets are always a good thing, there are plenty of snacks and tools to bring with on the mountain!

Another thing you should consider is the locking mechanism, whether it be a combination or key. Do not make your combination obvious! And remember, once you lock it with a combination, spin it more than a few numbers away, so someone is less likely to get it by chance.

If you choose a key, make sure you store it in a pocket that you are not pulling your phone or credit card in and out of, to decrease the likelihood of dropping it in the chalet or snow.

The Lock Up

Do not lose your hard-earned investment to an on-mountain thief! Ski trips are for good times not resort reports. If you can drop your board off at your vehicle, even better. Long ticket lines, après ski moments, chalet beers, if you are not with your board, lock it up!

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