Keep your Calm as Summer Ends

& Grab your Vans.


I hate to admit it just as much as you, and if not more than most, but summer is nearing the end. Those long summer nights are slowly turning into shorter brisk autumn eves, and trying to cram last minute fun activities becomes habitual. And most of the crammed activities we do simply become blurred, distant memories because they are finagled so tightly into our everyday busy lifestyle.

Join me this last month of summer in trying to slow the pace of the inevitable cramming of our lives. It won’t last long, for our schedules will just become that much more hectic (finals will come sooner than you think!). 

The Vans Chima Ferguson pro skate shoe is just the shoe to help slow things down a little. The UltraCush Lite footbed is anatomically contoured for quick, responsive cushioning that provides a natural fit and ride, and the Vans original waffle outsole allows for a firmer grip. With this much comfort it is hard to even want to move too fast in these shoes.

The only way to spend the last days of summer, one step at time, with the beaming sun before I strap into my board boots and finally hit the slopes again, is with these shoes. and these shoes alone. Promise.

Vans Chima Ferguson Pro Skate Shoes [$41.95]

The beach vibes are through the roof, and my sense of pace and presence is immediately transformed into island time.  It is as if I have been teleported to a highly remote Hawaiian beach and I don’t have a care in the world outside of my immediate surroundings. 

The best part of rocking these shoes comes the first day back to classes. While everyone is getting back in the academic groove, my feet are still in that remote Hawaiian beach and therefore my summer bod won’t be going anywhere fast either.

Facts only.

Easy, breezy, cool, Vans.


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