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From its early days of sidewalk surfing in the 60’s and 70’s, to riding empty pools in california suburbias in the 80’s, to the street skating and trick progression of the 90’s and 2000’s, and the level of insanity that happens now in real time skateboarding has had completely evolved from the surfers down day pass time. Not only has the sport itself progressed but so has the gear, with tons more options of shoes and clothing to wear skateboarding. Back when skateboarding was a new phenomenon there was not much of a selection of skateboarding specific shoes you were able to purchase that could keep up with the level of riding some people were producing. Now in 2018 there seems to not only be a skate shoe brand for everyone but each brand has a plethora of a selection that can be fine tuned into your riding style to give you the best optimum performance for whatever your cup of skateboard tea may be. We’ve narrowed down a list, in no specific order, of the top 5 skate shoe brands that we believe are taking the game by storm. Rolling through your local skate park you are definitely going to see a few pairs of these kicks on people’s feet.


It is no question as to why Nike SB is on our list. Because its Nike.  That famous swoosh is completely recognizable to almost anyone. Ever since there launch in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, they specialized in making running shoes for long distance sprinters and meter dashes. In 1971 the swoosh logo was designed and the brand officially brought on the name that we have branded into our minds. Nike had successfully corned the market in running shoes, street fashion, golf, tennis, and everything in between. It was only a matter of time before Nike jumped into the skateboard industry and in March of 2002 Nike launched Nike SB into skateboarding. Backed by a heavy hitting team of some of most influential skaters in history Nike has left a footprint on skateboarding that will not be left in the dust anytime soon. Click the following link to shop our Nike SB selection.


The brand with the 3 stripes. You know the one. Founded in 1949 in Germany as a football boot brand (not american football) the brand proceeded to make a lightweight boot that held is quality through countless days on the field. Growing steadily throughout the sports industry Adidas started to branch out into different sports and reach with the top athletes in each sport to collaborate to bring the best performance enhancing products to the market. Catching up into the 80’s and 90’s Adidas had also created a huge following in the hip hop industry with artists like Run-DMC sporting Adidas kits head to toe. Adidas has gained some legendary skateboarders amongst their squad as well to keep pushing the limits of how these shoes feel underfoot to produce a quality product that keeps people coming back and back for more stripes. Click the following link to shop our Adidas selection.


Started back in 1966 by brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren as The Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California. What made Vans so unique at the time was how the shoes were manufactured and who the appealed to. You would walk into Van Doren, place your shoe order in the morning, and by the afternoon your shoes were handmade and custom built just for you. The brand skyrocketed as a tried and true skateboard shoe brand but also still had shoe styles that appealed to the average surf kook who dug the comfort and feel of the shoes. The brand caught the eye of a wide range of skateboarders for its rugged look and stick sole that made for an unmatched performance on board. Vans has come a long way since then with many iconic makes and models including the Vans Half-Cab which is highly regarded as one of the most important skate shoes in the history of skateboarding. Skateboard hierarchies Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, John Cardiel and Jeff Grosso are just a small number of those who have reached the legend status in skateboarding who support and have been supported by then brand for a number of years. Vans is looked at as a true skateboarders brand and their passion and love for skateboarding shoes through their brand. Click the following link to shop our Vans Selection.


Since 1996 Emerica has defined convention. And it is with that mentality and forward drive that Emerica has earned its place as one of the most respected and trusted brands in skateboarding today. One thing that stands out about the brand is their movies. Kids in Emerica, Made, and Stay Gold are some of the most highly sought after skate movies from the early 2000’s that pushed progressive street riding to new heights. Emerica is owned by a company called Sole-Tec which is a company that has multiple outlets in the skate and snow industry by thrives to make durable and comfortable footwear while enhancing the movement of reducing our impact on the environment by using less hazardous materials to create their products. Environment friendly, skater operated, timeless style, what’s not to love? Click the following link to shop our Emerica Selection.


Formed back in 1994 DC has always tried to become a leader in performance in skate shoes and attire while remaining a well renowned action sport brand. Now based out of Huntington Beach, California, DC is at the hub of skateboarding to help deliver progressive driving products for the skate industry. With a couple legends and a few young gun heavy hitters inside their carefully bread squadron, DC has become one of the greater brands inside skate culture in a short amount of time. DC also arguably has produced some of the most widely recognize skate shoes in the industry, one of them being the Lynx which changed the way skate shoes were designed and felt on board for the better half of the 2000’s. No fakes rest in the offices of DC so you can expect great things from these heads. Click the following link to shop our DC selection.  


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