Types of Snowboard Pants

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burton-cargo-pants-turf-14-zoomYou’re  new waterproof jacket will mean nothing without some quality snowboard pants to round out your kit. Designed specifically for rider movement, nasty winter conditions, strapping in, and sick Methods, snowboard pants are the only solution to keep your lower half comfortable. Most have standard features like gaiters on the cuffs to keep snow out, pockets, fleece lined rear, articulated knees and belt loops. Some have an adjustable waist, leg lifts, and hooks so you can snap your jacket to your pants (AKA one piece!). With varying prices and styles, dig around The House’s selection of epic snowboard pants to find your perfect match.

What are Snowboard Pants

A good pair of snowboard pants repels water like a raincoat and breathes like a compression tee. It’s best to invest in a pair of pants with a minimum of 10,000mm waterproof rating. In other words, this rating means that you could put a tube of water 10,000 millimeters (32 feet) high on the fabric before it would leak. Pants often bear a breathability index to show how many grams of water can pass through a square meter of the fabric in 24 hours. Generally, you want both numbers as high as possible. For instance, a pair of 25,000/20,000 snowboard pants, will keep your insides dry in almost any condition, but may strain your budget.

Benefits of Good Snowboard Pants

  • Water Resistant – Snowboard specific pants are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) to allow moisture to bead off of the pants. Some high end snowboard pants, like those made with Gore-Tex, are made with waterproof fabric. Even if you don’t panning on wiping out on the mountain, water resistant pants are an excellent idea since moisture will always try to find a way inside the fabric. From the lift to an afternoon snow shower, you’re sure to stay dry with snowboard pants.ski-lift-snowboard-snowboarding-Favim.com-181897
  • Breathable – Without breathability elements, snowboard pants would surely become quite clammy, damp, hot and uncomfortable. Even worse in cold weather, once your body becomes too hot beneath all your layers, it will quickly get chilled. All snowboard pants are breathable – some more than others. Generally speaking, as cost escalates with snowboard pants, better materials offer increased breathability.
  • Warm -While snowboard pants are water resistant and breathable, the result is protection that will keep you warm all day long. Long lift rides and fast groomers can make you chilly, so don’t skimp on the pants!

Who Should Wear Snowboard Pants?
Every single snowboarder should wear snowboard pants. If you don’t believe us, try out a pair of your dad’s vintage snow pants and let us know how your lower half feels during a four hour mountain mission.

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