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If you haven’t followed his career over the last decade, it is hard to sum up who Jesse Paul is and the things he has done . Hailing from Maple Grove, MN, Jesse rose through the ranks like most young snowboarders do by first gaining regional sponsors from brands like Salomon and Analog.  While spending his winters riding tow ropes at places such as Elm Creek, Trollhaugen, Wild Mountain and Hyland Hills, in addition to filming video parts for YKMYF and The Impaler Mag all while being a full time student at the University of Minnesota and pursuing his other off-snow interests.  Always one to push himself, Jesse would migrate out west to spend his summers at Mount Hood, where he quickly made his mark at the legendary  Windells Camp.

Switch Boardslide Transworld Arcadia Photo Jende

Switch Boardslide as seen in Transworld’s Arcadia. Photo: Stephan Jende

Following a next level video part in Bode Merrill’s 2016 Movie Reckless Abandon, which ultimately solidified him as Transworld and Snowboarder Mag 2016 Rookie of the Year, Jesse landed a part in Transworld’s Arcadia Movie and competed 2017 X-Games Real Snow where he took home 3rd place filmed by Colton Morgan. By sticking to his signature creative style with tricks like a 360 Nata Spin to 5050 on a down flat down during the 2016-17 season, Jesse came away with numerous contest wins and NBDs, yet he still remains one of the most humble and grateful snowboarders in the industry and continues to push the limits of what is possible on a snowboard.

Cross one off the list Photo Jende

Crossing another trick his X-Games Real Snow List. Photo: Stephan Jende

I caught up with Jesse as he is recovering from a serious injury suffered while filming for Transition Corp featuring Bode Merrill, Erik Leon, Mike Liddle, Garret Warnick and Johnny Brady. Hear is what he had to say while on his Road to Recovery.

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Badlands Photo Ashley Dawn Bird

The Badlands Photo: Ashley Dawn Bird

SJ: What’s good Jesse?

JP: Yo Stephan! Not much just drinking some coffee!

SJ: What’s your morning routine consist of? Clearly coffee, hanging with the cats?

JP: wake up, make breakfast for us and the cats, coffee, physical therrapy, swimming (unless I’m to tired, then I’ll go later), music, rubbing comfrey balm and CBD balm on my leg, use my bone stimulator, then I’ll get started with the day! And I take a handful of pills in the morning haha. Calcium, magnesium, vegan omega 3, vitamin D.

5050 to lipslide Chicago photo Jende

5050 to Front Lipslide, Chicago 2015. Photo: Stephan Jende

SJ: Damn! Sounds like a good/busy way to start the day. Minus the physical therapy part. You suffered an injury while filming this year. What did you exactly do?

JP: I was filming in Calgary, Canada with Bode and the Transition Corp guys. It was the first film trip of the year and I was SO excited. There was a ton of spots and a ton of snow. We were there for a few successful days before I got hurt. The spot was a real kinky rail and I was going fast to front board just the flats of the kink. I landed it to fakie, but I wanted to go to regular, so I kept going and one of the times I came inside the stairs backwards. My foot went on one side of the rail support and my body went on the other side so my Tibia and Fibula snapped right over the support. My Tibia (the shin bone) popped out of my skin and it was very traumatic…

SJ: Sounds gnarly! Transition Corp. Stark is filming that right? Who else is in it?

JP: Yeah Jon Stark and Joe Carter are the primary filmers. The main riders are Bode Merrill, Mike Liddle, Erik Leon, Johnny Brady, and Garrett Warnick and myself… but I’m kinda out of the picture these days haha.

pivot fakie Marc O Malley

Pivot Fakie, Mount Hood. Photo: Marc O Malley

SJ: You didn’t want to try to be the first guy to get a clip with a broken leg in a cast? haha, All jokes aside how has your recovery been going?

JP: That’s a loaded question! It has been a bumpy road… lots of ups and downs. Right now I’m doing pretty well though. I’m swimming 5-6 days a week, I can walk around fairly normally and I am slowly gaining strength and stability in my leg. The first two months were horrible. I basically didn’t leave my bed. The third month I started being able to drive and walk around slowly without crutches. Everything seemed to be going perfectly until I got an X ray a couple weeks ago that showed that my bone isn’t joining as much as it should. That’s why I got a bone stimulator. I’ve been trying to kick everything else up as well. I take my vitamins twice a day, I drink a protein shake every day, I do physical therapy every day, I use the bone stimulator twice a day, I put comfrey and CBD balm on my leg three times a day, I swim a lot, and I’m even starting acupuncture later today! Oh and also, relating to your last joke I never had a cast! haha. I have an internal cast haha… that was my most recent x ray about 2 weeks ago.

Leg x-ray

SJ: That x-ray is carzy. But for real dude I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through the last handful of months. It’s a gnarly injury. Outside of your physical therapy what have you been keeping yourself busy with?

JP: For the first couple months I watched SO MUCH TV haha. Lots of shows and movies. I also took a personal finance course online, which was very insightful. Once I was able to drive and be somewhat mobile I was so stir crazy that I occupied myself with all kinds of stuff. I have been getting a lot more involved with Sessions because their office is only an hour away from me. I have become kind of a team manager for them. They call me the “team captain”. I go in to the office about once a week and I put together a content trip to MN that went pretty well. I also started volunteering at this place called Hexlab Makerspace. Its a big warehouse that has laser cutters, 3d printers, a wood shop, a metal shop, an electronics and soldering station, and all kinds of other tools for “Makers”. That has been fun because I used a lot of those tools when I was studying product design. Also, I have been putting in A LOT of time with my camera. Ive been taking some courses online and shooting as much as I can, which has been so great. I feel like I have rediscovered my love for photography. That all started because I was asked to shoot ADB’s (Ashley Dawn Bird) cousins wedding this summer! So I was like, damn I have to step up my game before that! I’ve also been cooking a lot, and learning how to swim laps with different strokes. I’ve been reading too… Just keeping myself very busy! haha

Custom Laser cut acrylic

Laser cut acrylic.

SJ: That’s a lot for sure. I am glad you are starting to really get back into photography. I’ve loved your photography work for along time. Team Captain that’s tight! All of that is rad. Sounds like you have been keeping yourself pretty busy which is good. The instagram stories of the pool are great! haha… I am bummed I wasn’t able to link up with you guys when you were in town a few weeks back.

JP: Yeah man that would have been cool! That was a real quick trip though we were kind of in and out. And thank you for the kind words.

SJ: I’ll have to come out visit you and Dawn soon.

JP: Yes, please do!

SJ: Quick Top 3 books and Tv/Movies you been watching lately?

JP: Westworld, Black Panther and I’ve been this book called “The Beach” and I’m not sure if I love it or not yet haha. it’s very strange.

SJ: I’ll have to check it out. But all those are good. Thanks for the quick chat dude! I wish you a speedy recovery my friend. Lets chill soon.
JP: Thank you! And yes, you’re welcome here any time, have a nice day!


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