Product Review 2010/2011 Arbor: Westmark Snowboard

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The Arbor Westmark, how do you even begin to explain how much tech has been put into the 2010-2011 Arbor lineup. Let me tell you the Westmark was not left behind in this at all.  To start things off the Westmark has a parabolic rocker, which is based off an arc that from tip to tail is uniform in shape. Giving this board somewhat buttery feel when riding straight. But once you go to heel to toe, edging the Grip tech edges grab like no other. Grip Tech is tri radial sidecut design that creates four additional contact points under your feet. These contact points give you immense control. This feature counters the rocker pattern of the board giving you the best of both worlds. The Grip Tech contact points also allow riders with larger feet to ride traditional width boards.

The Westmark is a true twin shaped board with a medicine core. This is Arbors all mountain core that is made from 100% FSC certified sustainable poplar. It also contains 60% recycled steel in the edges. The stance options features the Sumo Stance, that allows riders to ride smaller boards and keep that street, park feel they want. The graphic on this thing is amazing and was done by a well know artist Dave Kinsey.

All in all I felt the Westmark could be really rad board. For myself liking the traditional camber boards it took some getting used to the rocker. Although what they say about the Grip Tech edges is very true. You have an unmatched heel to toe edgability with this board. Making turns takes little to no effort at all. This board is rated at medium to soft flex.  I found it to be on the softer of the two, a little too much for my liking. It is defiantly a jibbing machine and once gotten used to I would say would be a killer board in your arsenal.

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