Merrell Socks Review

By Published On: June 8th, 20100 Comments

Today, we’re gonna be talking about Merrell socks. What makes Merrell socks so special is that they keep you warm and dry at any adventure you’re on, whether you’re camping with somebody or out on a long hike. What I like about our socks is the E.W.E. technology, which stands for Enhanced Wool Endurance technology. This wraps natural wool with performance synthetic fibers around the wool fibers, giving you the best of both worlds – keeping you dry and comfortable. Let’s take a closer look. Merrell socks have a Lycra band around the arch and around the cuff, keeping your socks in place so there’s no slippage. Also, there’s high-ventilation areas on the top of the sock keeping your feet cool with a lot of breathability. On the bottom, there’s terry-looping. Terry-looping offers a lot of cushion on the bottom of your foot in the high impact areas. And the best part about it all is our 3-year guarantee. This gives you confidence that you’re gonna love our socks. They’ll rock your socks off.

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