VIDEO: History of Flow Snowboarding

By Published On: May 24th, 20110 Comments

Sometimes the best innovation comes from the strangest places. Such is the case with the folks at Flow Snowboards. A couple of windsurfers looked at snowboarders and decided that we needed better bindings and hatched the rear-entry benchmark that became awesome enough to make people forgive them for windsurfing. That was 1992, and after a few short years the company was ready to expand into boots, and eventually, boards. These days their under-foot trifecta — or Triple Threat Technology—provides an unparalleled feel for the snow underneath you.

That barefoot feel is just what the company wanted to provide. Their unconventional bindings not only allow you to be the first strapped in and shred-ready, but they also promise an ideal fit with no pressure points and the best energy transfer boot-to-board in the biz.

Their offerings are as complete as they come, with concave or reverse-camber boards, as well as a line for the ladies, and kids boards that stand up to enough abuse that it’s not unusual to see bigger dudes in the jib park rocking a Micron 147.

There’s an old proverb that says one is judged by the company they keep, and if that holds true then Flow is getting tens across the board. Scotty Lago rode a Flow set up to a bronze medal in the Olympic halfpipe. His list of teammates is pretty solid too, featuring Tim Humphries, Brandon Reis, Ian Thorley, the legendary Mike Basich and womens snowboarding phenom Sarka Pancochova.

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