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The 2010 Foursquare Outerwear is by no doubt some good looking stuff this year,  the colors and patterns will blow your mind for sure. We were lucky enough to get some late shipments of this stuff to give you amazing deals. Take a look for yourselves here.

Heres what Foursquare has to say about this all –

“Snowboarding is a cultural experience. Some claim sport and others say lifestyle, but what defines our ride is not a place on the podium or an energy drink. Instead, it is the connection we make when we strap in to slash pow or stomp a trick. The synthesis places us in contact with a diverse community and a dramatic environment.  But snowboarding is not just tight scenes existing in isolated pockets. It is only through an exchange that style changes, creativity flows and progression happens. And these trips let us experience places and peripherals that stick with us long after the last part, trick or contest has faded into oblivion.

Foursquare was founded to represent our entire culture. Rather than cash out or claim too core, our line has earned respect by reflecting the reality of snowboarding. With perspective that is greater than just next season’s flavor, our style is based on the context of the broader palette. We select only premium waterproof/breathables, use technical high-loft fill and integrate custom highbrow trims to create definition and distinction one shell and puffy at a time. And this design story—that is always clean, refined, classic and functional—is what upholds our style as a true reflection of our culture. It sets us apart and links us together.”

Men’s Convertible Liner
The Convertible Series is made for those riding conditions when just one option isn’t enough. With lightweight snap-in warm-ups, riders can add an extra layer when the base temperature drops or shed one when park jumps turn to slush. For off-slope function, the warm-ups lounge comfortably.

Men’s Insulated
The only cure for cold is warmth and the Insulated garments pack a strong prescription to fend off a bitter chill. These styles are stuffed with insulating loft—either puffy down or synthetic fill—that holds heat inside. Perfect single-shot fortification for icy night sessions to arctic hardpack days.

Men’s Shell
Shreds who ride through any storm pick a technical shell for protection from the elements. The Shell Series utilize waterproof/breathable membranes that keep brutal weather outside yet prevent the inner self from feeling steamy or clammy.

Women’s Convertible Liner
The convertible pieces offer a number of options, as snap-in heaters add layered insulation in cold weather or slide out when the sky goes bluebird. The removable warm-ups are perfect for relaxing by the heat source or heading out in style after the lifts close.

Women’s Insulated
The Insulated garments are heated to the point of peak-chair coziness. Constructed with either synthetic loft or natural down, the parka, puffy and pant styles preserve heat to counteract the biological fact that girls get cold faster.

Women’s Shell
Ladies who ride every condition know layering is the smart way to stay unfazed by moody weather. This strategy hinges on selecting stylish fabrics that seal out moisture but let the body breathe when working hard for fresh turns.

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  1. Ricky July 29, 2010 at 12:32 am - Reply

    Thanks for the advice on such a great outerwear brand! I have a jacket from foursquare and have been impressed about everything with it.

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