Everything You Need for a Day on the Boat

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Summer for many people (and especially me, because I live in the land of 10,000 lakes) means being out on the water, riding in the boat until the sun goes down, and making memories that will never fade. From July 4th outings to sunsets at sea, summer on the water is paradise found. When you’re on the water, chances are you’re in a good mood. Life feels simple and stress-free. To assure this, I’ve listed my picks of boat day essentials that will make the sun feel that much sweeter. Ride on.

#1: Sunglasses.

If you are squinting the entire day, you will undoubtedly be a) crabby, b) miserable, c) blind, and d) all of the above. Protect your eyes and sanity and invest in some shades. My pick: Electric Txoko Sunglasses. Wearing shades on the boat will undoubtedly make you feel much more comfortable and cool. And you can also stare at people, and no one will suspect a thing.

I’d have to choose the Dragon Marquis for those interested in men’s sunglasses. Seamless and modern, these shades will keep your gaze looking sophisticated. Get them here!

#2: Music.

Silence isn’t a bad thing, but when the energy is high on the water, amp it up even more with a summer-approved playlist. Lucky for us, many artists have just recently released new music so making fresh choices will not be difficult. SZA, independent R&B and “Glitter Trap” artist, dropped her latest album, CTRL, last week, and it is insanely perfect for a sweet, sunny party. She teamed up with Kendrick Lamar in “Doves in the Wind,” and it is already becoming my favorite summer jam. Another top hit from the album: “The Weekend.” The whole album, though, is memorable and is sure to keep the good vibes running.

Calvin Harris’s newest single is also vital for a boating day. Called, “Rollin,” the song is definitely just that: rollin. It’s going to make you want to jump in the water without hesitation. Energetic and catchy, Harris’s hit is essential for the boat.

Want a throwback? The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” just solidifies the greatness of summer. Simple and classic, the song will make everyone grin a little. Or do you miss the early 2000’s? Never forget Weezer’s “Island in the Sun.” You cannot go wrong with a song all about the sunshine.

Here are a few more of my quick picks:

  1. “Chanel” – Frank Ocean
  2. “White Flag” – Joseph
  3. “Carolina” – Harry Styles
  4. “American Teen” -Khalid
  5. “Shining” – Beyonce

#3: New Wakeboards.

I definitely think this is the summer to splurge on a new board (especially because we have really sick deals). Get a new board, fly through the air, go up in the rankings of the coolest people to ever exist. Maybe. My favorite new board is the Liquid Force Harley Classic. This board not only looks slick, but it also has the technology to pop you easily off the wake and high above the water. Crazy rad.

Click here for tips on how to buy the perfect wakeboard.

#4: Swimsuits (obviously).

If you hop onto the boat without a swimsuit, chances are you are going to regret it. You will either have to forfeit your spot to wakeboard, or you will be thrown into the water regardless by a smarter person on the boat (smarter in that they are probably wearing a swimsuit). Anyway, a swimsuit is a must. My pick of bikini this year is this Patagonia Halter bikini top and the Patagonia solid pink bottom. Fun and colorful, this combination will make your day that much brighter.

One of my favorite pair of boardshorts this season is the RVCA Back Room. The different prints coincide with the flavors of the water and underline the fact that you are here to make a statement. They are winners, for sure.

#5: A Captain’s Hat.

Okay, I guess you don’t necessarily need to get a captain’s hat, but it would be pretty awesome if you did. You could make a game out of it, too. The person wearing the hat has the most authority (duh) and thus has to pick the music played, speed of the boat, or victim to being thrown in the water.

If you do not actually want to get a captain’s hat, fine. You should then invest in one like the Bucket hats, at the very least, are conversation pieces and sun protectors. The Ride hat is also stylish and comfortable. Get it now!

If you have these five necessities on the boat with you, you’re bound to have a good time. Go wild. Stay safe. Enjoy the water.


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