Durability, functionality and aesthetics are the top criteria when it comes to selecting a new pack or luggage piece. Who wants to purchase a bag with a zipper that blows out after a couple uses? And who wants a backpack that looks like everyone else’s on the bus? If you’re looking for a selection of bags that will hold up to plenty of use while letting you sport something you love, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a breakdown of various kinds of backpacks and other luggage pieces so that you can pick out one that is perfect for your next trip.

Types of Backpacks

A backpack is probably the most universal piece of gear in everyone’s closet. From a hop on the bus or plane to a hike on the trail, a backpack will make for a much more comfortable and practical trip. With so many styles, brands, sizes, colors and patterns to choose from, where do you begin?

Sizing can be confusing. The volume of the pack, or liters, is calculated by multiplying the length times the width times the height. Backpacks typically range in size from 10L (holding a packable rain jacket and water bottle) to over 300L (holding clothing and gear for multi-day trip). We’ve broken down the most common type of backpacks, so you can determine which type would be best for your intended use.

School Backpacks

From grade school through college, school backpacks are designed to carry heavy books, laptops and are durable for lasting semester after semester. They often have organization pockets to keep your pens, phone, chargers and other supplies easy to access. Many have a padded laptop sleeve and a smaller fleece-lined compartment for fragile electronics or sunglasses. Brands like Burton and Dakine have nailed it when it comes to practical, durable and functional school backpacks.



Daypacks are a cross-over category where the backpack is designed for multi-use purposes—school, commuting and short hikes. They may or may not have an interior laptop sleeve, but daypacks usually have a chest and waist adjuster strap to allow for a custom fit that evenly distributes the load. Daypacks often have more of a classic, outdoorsy look whereas school backpacks tend to be flashier with interesting prints or colors. For light travelers, a daypack can accommodate an overnight’s worth of clothing and toiletries.

Skate Backpacks

Skate Backpacks

Two horizontal and adjustable straps line the outside front of a skate backpack. They are specifically designed, of course, for carrying a skateboard. Many people don’t use the straps for the intended purpose, however, since skate backpacks are just as practical as any other pack with two shoulder straps. For many, skate backpacks are purchased more for looks and durability rather than for their skateboard carrying ability.




Savvy travelers demand lightweight, durable and functional travel pieces that won’t cause frustration on their journey. We have a massive selection of incredible travel bags with the latest features and designs that will make traveling easier. Here are a few different luggage options that you might consider for your next getaway.

Rolling Luggage

Travel Bags

Whether you travel for fun, work, or a bit of both, wheeled luggage has taken the main stage and for good reason. It’s convenient, durable, easy to use and available in a plethora of sizes, colors and prints. Burton is the pioneer when it comes to durable wheels for suitcases and other luggage. They use skateboard wheels, which are wider, grippy and have soft wheels to absorb shock. Before selecting rolling luggage, determine your traveling priorities. Are you a light packer? Will you be using your luggage primarily for weekend or overnight trips? Do you mind paying an extra weight fee so you can bring a different pair of shoes for every outfit? It’s really not a bad idea to invest in an overnight and a mid-sized luggage piece to cover all of your traveling needs.


Duffel Bag

For the young and fit who don’t mind flexing their muscles, a large duffel bag bursting with all your necessities is just part of the travel fun. Duffels are easy to store once you unpack—just shove them under your bed or in the corner of a closet. They are easy to pack and cost less than rolling luggage.  From an overnight trip to a hockey weekend with the kids, duffels come in a range of sizes to suit various needs.

Ski/Board Bag

Finally, if you’re headed on a skiing or snowboarding trip, it’s essential to have the proper bag for transporting all of your sporting equipment, especially if you’ll be flying. Browse our selection of ski bags, snowboard bags, boot bags and wakeboard bags to find the perfect one for your next adventure. Be sure to also check out this post on how to properly pack your skis and snowboard for your next big trip.

Whether you’re planning your next big vacation or need a new backpack for college, consider your packing habits, what items you’ll need and how long you’ll be gone before you purchase a new bag. Also, keep your mode of transportation and itinerary in mind. If you’re flying and not planning to check your suitcase, make sure your rolling luggage is carry-on size. Good luck and safe travels!



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