An alternative lacing system that’s been proven,perfected and backed by Burton team riders is the Speed Zone Lacing System. It allows you to adjust the top and bottom portions of the boot independently for a custom fit. It’s easy to use, too. Simply pull on the laces to tighten and lock them by tucking in the clasp.

The laces are incredibly strong. In fact, it’s literally impossible to break the lace unless, of course, you rub the edge of your sharp snowboard on it while riding the lift. Yikes. Burton uses laces manufactured by New England Ropes. The same rope is used for shark fishing. Honestly don’t worry – they won’t break!

Speed Zone laces are also rad because they’re much faster than traditional laces. While it’s certainly preference, some people just prefer Speed Zone. A ton of women dig Speed Zone because it’s much easier to get a tight fit than with traditional laces. Ladies, not to say that you are the weaker sex, but it can be tough for some gals to tighten the boots to the desired fit. Speed Zone makes it easy and effortless to tighten those babies up.

Finally, the best part about Burton’s Speed Zone lacing system is that the laces won’t loosen up as you rider. That means more rebound, better wrap and improved response. Have you ever had your heel slide up the back of the boot or just feel some movement in your boots when your digging deep? That won’t happen with Speed Zone. Get ready to step it up this year. Guys, pick your weapon –  Ambush, Driver X, Imperial, Ion, Moto, Ruler or SLX. Ladies, step into the Axel, Emerald, Felix or Mint.

The fasting lacing system out there, Speed Zone lets you customize the fit of your upper or lower zoner in seconds without forcing your friends to wait. get more power, improve response and increase rep all with less effort. The laces, supplied by New England Ropes, are the same stuff used by stuntmen, firefighters and rescue teams and are twice as strong as the competition’s laces.

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