3 Steps to Prep Your Bike this Spring

As March is wrapping up and the winter snow is starting to melt, the temperature is rising and the spring sun shines longer. The chirping birds and sight of grass have us thinking about all the biking adventures that lay ahead of us. After sitting for months, you’ve got to start preparing, it’s finally time to grab our bikes out of the garage or basement, brush off the dust and get to pedaling all around town. Embark on all of your biking adventures this year on a smooth and fresh-riding bicycle after a tune-up. Make your life a little easier, with this simple 3-step checklist to prepare your bicycle for the season to help you spend fewer days in the shop and more days enjoying the weather on your bike.

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

Every time you prepare to head out on your bike, you should always make sure your wheels, tires and breaks are working properly. Start by checking the air pressure in your tires. If the pressure is low, fill your tires with the proper PSI amount. To find the PSI for your tires, check on the side. If your tires are tubeless, add sealant. Check the condition of your tires to make sure they are free of cracks and are properly seated. Make sure your wheels are spinning straight, not wobbling, and look for brake drag. Your tires should spin freely and straight forward. Don’t forget to check your quick releases to make sure they are tight to prevent your tire from falling off. In a controlled setting, test out your brakes to make sure they are working properly. Mechanics at The House suggest starting at a slow speed then braking followed by a moderate speed then braking. You will want to use both front and rear breaks with ease to make sure that both are working properly.

Fill your tube tires with ease using the Blackburn Piston 1 Floor Bike Pump and your tubeless tires with Orange Seal Subzero Tubeless Sealant

Framed Bike Wheel


Wash It Down

During prep, taking time to wash your bike will not only have it looking great but also have it riding smoothly. You will want to wash your bike with lots of warm, bubbly water using lots of soap. Use a soft brush to scrub away all the dirt and grime that has been lingering. After you have scrubbed your bike, rinse it off with water. Make sure to not spray water directly into the bearing areas and be sure to avoid high-pressure washers. Let your bike dry in the spring sunshine.

Framed Marquette Bike at The House.


Lube It Up

Lube your bike chain to ensure it stays functioning smoothly all summer long. Lube all of your pivot points as well as derailleurs and brake levers. When you are lubing up these areas, be sure to use your lube sparingly. During prep, you want to keep the lube to a minimum because most lubes will attract dirt which will cause issues down the road so be sure to wipe all the excess away.

Use the Park Tool PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand and get to lubing up your bike.

Framed Marquette Bike at The House.


If you are having issues with your bike, bring it into a mechanic for a proper service.
Find new bikes, gear and bicycle accessories at The House. The House offers tune-ups and an array of services for bicyclists in Minnesota. Call The House Bike Shop at (612) 326-7854 to schedule an appointment today.

Photos by Connor Nelson

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