The Greatest Midwest Getaways

Winter Escapes that are Often Overlooked


When people think of a winter in the Midwest, their minds usually spiral into a negative lair of freezing temperatures and icy conditions. While these thoughts are not entirely wrong, there are amazing aspects to a winter in the Midwest. Cozy cabins, glistening snow, spa retreats, ice skating excursions, delectable food, and a laid-back lifestyle are all elements of our winters. So, with all these benefactors, why skim over this region when you’re looking for a holiday getaway? There is a plethora of resorts in the Midwest to discover, and I’ve gathered five of the best vacation destinations for you here. 


1. Door County, Wisconsin

You don’t need to travel to the East Coast to relish in a Cape Cod atmosphere. In the northeast Wisconsin peninsula, snow cascades onto the charming homes and streets like a picturesque winter scene. Enjoy sleigh rides, wine tastings, and explore historic lighthouses of Door County.

View the official Door County visitor’s website here.


2. Brainerd, Minnesota

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and one of the most popular is situated in Brainerd: Gull Lake. Get lost in the stunning scenes of Minnesota’s winter along Gull Lake’s shores and satisfy your snow sport craving at Ski Gull or Breezy Point, a tourist attraction for its many family-friendly activities. Oh, and don’t forget to embrace the North with a trip to Paul Bunyan Land!

Visit the Brainerd, MN site here.

3.  French Lick, Indiana

“Nestled among the hills of the Hoosier National Forest resides a classic American destination – French Lick Resort.” If you are looking to indulge in the finer things in life, look no further. The French Lick Resort comes equipped with award-winning spas, five star restaurants, a luxurious casino, family attractions (bowling alley, pools and waterparks, sports arenas), and quaint wineries.

View the resort’s site here.


4. Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan

Love Wine? I’ve found your spot. Located north of the Traverse City, this small peninsula is a haven of orchards, villages, vineyards, and serenity. You will be buzzing with sweet, ice wine during your whole vacation. Wineries line the peninsula and radiate warmth in a season so cold.

Check out their wineries here.

5. Hocking Hills, Ohio

Oh yeah, Ohio. Prepare to be flabbergasted (in a good way) when you see the amazing rock formations and and caves of Hocking Hills. When these natural wonders are covered in snow and ice crystals, they become even more mesmerizing. In January Hocking Hills hosts a famous winter hike through these formations, showcasing the beauty of the area.

View more of the wonders here.



The winter doesn’t seem that unbearable in the Midwest, now, does it? I’ve only listed five amazing places in this region, but this does not mean that there isn’t more to delve into. The Midwest knows how to survive the winter- so much so that they’ve made the season arguably better here than anywhere else. We get winter. Come and see for yourself.


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