Ride Snowboards is a brand that stay on the cutting edge when it comes to snowboard technology. Their boards are revered for their durability and design. For the 2022 season they have taken the things that work and expanded on them, along with creating a few new designs and improvements to the classics.

2022 Ride Psychocandy Snowboard

Photo by Stephan Jende.

Ride has crossed the Pyschocandy from a woman’s board into a gender-neutral one, with sizes ranging from 142cm to 158cm. This board is pretty much an expanded Warpig, with a soft playful nose that works great in the deep stuff.

2022 Ride Zero Snowboard

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The Zero is a new board for 2022 and takes the place of the Machete. A true twin all mountain/park ripper, the Zero has an asymmetrical build and Ride’s new slimwall sidewalls. The profile features a hybrid design with camber under foot and rocker from the foot to the tip and tail.

2022 Ride Smokescreen Snowboard

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The Smokescreen is a brand new board that has the shape of the Commissioner with the guts of the Wildlife. The profile is hybrid directional, with carbon array 3 laminates and Ride’s roll-in Slimewalls. This board will be great for anyone looking for something a little different that still has all of the aspects of an all mountain ripper.

2022 Ride MTN Pig Snowboard

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The MTN Pig has made some changes to its familiar look for the 2022 season. The tail has been adapted and cut to give a swallow effect that will allow for great lift and float in the deep stuff.

2022 Ride Benchwarmer Snowboard

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The Benchwarmer is a new board from Ride. It takes the place of the Helix and therefore is an asymmetrical deck with the addition of Ride’s new Slimwall. This board sits at a more affordable price than the past Helix, as it is equipped with Carbon Array-3 as opposed to 5.

2022 Ride C-9 Snowboard Binding

Photos by Stephan Jende.

The C-9 binding is new for 2022 and comes in a wide range of sizes for both men and women. It’s a composite binding that features a two piece, 3D molded ankle strap that can be flip flopped for either a softer or stiffer feel. It also comes in an aluminum chassis option in the A-9.

2022 Ride A-6 Snowboard Binding

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The A-6 binding is the aluminum edition of Ride’s most popular binding – as it sits right in the middle in terms of responsiveness. This year they’ve added a translucent white color way that really catches the eye.

2022 C-10 Ride Snowboard Binding

Photo by Stephan Jende.

The C-10 has been added along side the A-10 this year, as Ride’s top of the line, high-performance binding. It’s a hybrid style binding that features a composite chassis with a carbon and urethane highback.

For a more in-depth look into what Ride has in store next year, check out our Sneak Peak video!
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