2019 Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard Review

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The Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard was designed for the rider looking to emulate the authentic style of Scott himself. This tried and true, freestyle terrain killer has won multiple High Cascade Camper’s Choice Award time and time again. The Scott Stevens pro offers a playful platform for those one foot wizards and rail savants who are stacking clips and collecting their chips to cash in to gain the ultimate bag of snowboard trickery. The Capita Scott Stevens Pro also was awarded a spot in our Top 5 Pro Model Boards of 2019 list.

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The Capita Scott Stevens Pro has been molded almost equivalent to its cousin the Capita Ultrafear. Scott’s board has been designed to allow Scott to move his snowboard the way he needs it to perform in the streets, the parks and the rest of the mountain. The Scott Stevens Pro puts you in the driver seat and allows you to turn the whole hill into your playground. This board primarily will excel in the parks because of its playful manner but will operate everywhere else depending on the riders personality.

Capita features its Freedom V1 Profile offers a playful platform while still being able to remain stable at higher speeds. The Freedom V1 Profile adds a zero camber zone in between the feet for stability and pop while the rocker (reverse camber) in the nose and tail offers a playful nose and tail and predictable edge to edge control. This camber profile excels in parks, on rails and has been rumored to rip in powder as well.

Blowing out sidewalls? Lots of chatter underfoot on sketchy terrain? Capita adds Cork Dampening Stabilizers and a Full Cork Edge Dampening to help beef up that edge all the way to the contact points and help absorb any chatter from bumpy terrain or slamming into features down the park slope. New to the Capita Scott Stevens Pro is 4 X 30mm 2-Ply Basalt Boosters that lay under the insert packs of this deck for extra pop and energy in your ollie and nollie power.

The Capita Scott Stevens Pro has been constructed by Scott himself to be a board that not only works well for the type riding he aspires to do, but for anyone who is looking for a freestyle oriented board that is ready to take their riding to the next level, and be confident about what is under their feet. The Scott Stevens Pro from Capita offers a Superdrive Sintered base which is a highly absorbent and fast riding base with structural vertical lines down the running length to help wick moisture away from the base to keep you gliding and zooming all season long with a little TLC every now and then. Scott’s board is one the best selling decks in the Capita line so they will sell fast.

[Buy the 2019 Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard here]

Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard Specs:

Shape: True Twin
Profile: Freedom V1
Flex: 5/10
Stance: Centered
Core: Poplar/Paulownia Wood w/Cork
Fiberglass: Biax
Laminates: Basalt Boosters/Cork Dampening
Base: Sintered/SUPERDRIVE™ Base
Edge: Standard Steel

[Buy the 2019 Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard here]

Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard Tech Insights:

Cork Inlaid Pro Core™
The CORK INLAYED PRO CORE™ was engineered specifically to compliment Scott’s unique riding style allowing an extreme mix of dampening and durability with the energy required for spontaneous and creative riding. Comprised of an even mix of Poplar and Paulownia wood, with cork recessed into 30% of the top of the core, the CORK INLAYED PRO CORE™ is the damp and durable wood core custom made to meet the needs of Sleepy Stevens himself.

Targeted toward versatility in a high-end sintered base, this running material strikes a unique and sought after balance between high performance and low maintenance. With an increased density polyethylene, these ultra high molecular weight sintered bases are more wax absorbent and allow longer time periods between waxing sessions. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast, durable, and are the preferred choice of pro snowboarders worldwide.

Basalt Boosters
Originating from solidified volcanic lava, Basalt is an abundant resource long known for its thermal properties, strength, and durability. When carefully oriented into the board, this natural material helps you increase power and pop while creating a damp, calm ride. For 2018, the Scott Stevens Pro model features new 7 mm thick 2-PLY BASALT BOOSTERS while Basalt has also been added to upgrade the new Spring Break Twin model.

-Tanner B.

Photos by Stephan Jende

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