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When Rome Snowboards opened up shop in November of 2001, the world of snowboarding was in need of a rebellion. That uprising was born in the backwoods of Vermont when three friends teamed up with a new idea for not just a snowboard company, but a design syndicate. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you think the products Rome puts out are lame, well then you tell them that, and they fix it. As Dan Sullivan, director of international sales at the SDS puts it, “we invite involvement in the brand.”


As it turns out, the boys were on to something.  That involvement has made Rome SDS one of today’s most legit brands. They’ve won team challenges, video awards, major contests and the hearts of hessians around the world. Don’t be fooled by their disheveled appearance though, because their boards and bindings are quite proper.


The brand is as popular as the ancient town that shares its namesake, and has been helped along by slapping their logo on things we all need off the mountain too, like flasks and bottle openers. Today, they produce everything you need for on-hill, from boots and bindings to outerwear and apps. Click on over to their website to grab their 100-day tracker for free, and see how your winter is stacking up against Rome’s riders like Bjorn Leines, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Will Lavinge, Stale Sandbech, Johnny Lazz, or their ladies Marie Hucal and Marie France-Roy. -EM

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  1. Rome are about as rebellious Bon Jovi. Its just an image ran by old men in suits.

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