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Many of snowboarding’s top trends, riders, and companies have started on the East Coast and migrated West. There’s no scientific reasoning behind the phenomenon, it’s just something that tends to happen— like reality stars becoming famous. Nomis Design followed the paradigm, from humble beginnings around 2000 in Ontario, to a full-fledged launch out of Whistler.

Things really took off for the Chamberlain brothers when people began to take notice of the smooth stylings of Simon in films like Promo Copy. The next thing they noticed, after his ground-breaking switch ups and lip-shattering nollies, is that he always seemed to be wearing some sort of plaid ensemble. People began to snatch up the plaids, and Simon and Andre probably say a little prayer for plaid every night before bed.

Since then, the Nomis name has retained its roots, always offering some plaids, while stepping out into new designs that are always super fresh. Their kits look just as good off-snow as they do on it. Check out their full selection of gear, ranging from boardshorts to jackets to jeans, as well as a pretty healthy selection of collabo’s with other industry heavy hitters. Keep an eye out for their riders in videos, too, because they only pick snowboarders with style good enough to complement Simon Chamberlain. The few who have received this distinction are Cornell Agee, Derek Dennison, Stephen Cartwright, and the lovely Sarah Conway donning the ladies line.



  1. Gerardo Isais November 13, 2012 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    Is Nomis Design a publicly owned company or how can one view your annual report?

    • danaw November 13, 2012 at 5:56 pm - Reply

      I do not believe that it is. I think it is a privately held company.

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