Under Water Snowboard – Under Presser ETT


In the season  premier of Signals Snowboards  ETT, the guys are on location in New Zealand’s Milford Sound, where they attempt to use the worlds largest snowboard press, the ocean.   If you have ever tried build a snowboard you might know that the pressure required to press a snowboard 350-560kPa or about 50 psi and at 100 feet under the sea the pressure is around 400.334 kPa, or about 58.08psi. So in theory this could just work, so why not give it a try.

As an avid scuba diver I must admit this was a pretty cool idea. I just hope in the future someone takes this a step farther and figures out how to mount some type of  Seascooter on a Snowboard so you can shred under water!



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