Top 10 Snowboard Brands

Our staff of amateur and professional riders put together a top 10 snowboard brands list. Let us know what you think!
Burton Snowboards

BurtonBurton is the most recognizable brand in snowboard in offering boards, boots, binding, outerwear, accessories and clothing for men, women and children. The leader in snowboard technology, Burton pushes the limits when it comes to innovation, design, research and development, worldwide contests and customer service. A few well-known Burton team riders include olympic medalists Shaun White, Kelly Clark and Hannah. Legendary backcountry snowboarder,  Terije Hawkinson, has also dominated the list of rosters that Burton has sponsored over the years. Other Burton professional legends in include Terje Hawkinson,  Teter Privately held and based in Vermont, Burton established itself as a pioneer for the first generation of riders and continues to provide a new era of riders with an abundance of impressive gear for the snow.

K2 Snowboards

K2K2 as a company has been around for over 50 years. They made their first fiberglass ski in 1961. By 1994, they began making snowboards. Since K2 had been in the snow equipment business for so long, they had the funds, technology, R&D capability and drive to build award-winning, quality and affordable snowboards. Based  in Seattle, K2 Snowboards continues to manufacture top of the line boards, boots and bindings with impressive aesthetics and shelf appeal. Check out these interviews The House had with local K2 reps.

Ride Snowboards

Ride – With a vision to create a snowboard “for the people,” Ride Snowboards is one of the larger snowboard companies manufacturing boards, bindings and technical outerwear. With a focus on technology and innovation, Ride continues to maintain it’s distinctive brand identity.

LibTech Snowboards

Lib TechLib Technologies is a Pacific Northwest based snowboard company founded on innovation. Best known for Magne-Traction edges and Banana Technology rocker shape, you can find quality all-terrain and freestyle boards from Lib. Magne-Traction employs a “serrated” edge consisting of seven bumps in the sidewall giving the board edge hold for turn initiation and control while keeping the tips and tail loose for catch-free freestyle riding. Banana Technology is reversed camber where the contact point is between the rider’s feet rather than closer to the tip and tail. This gives the board catch free tips and tails for jibs, rails, and forgiving landings.

GNU Snowboards

Gnu – Owned by Mervin manufacturing (who also owns Lib Tech and Roxy), Gnu was created by Mike Olson in the early 1980’s. Best known for pioneering deep, carving sidecuts, Gnu boards are all hand built in by snowboarders in Washington State just like they were in the beginning. It’s a passion driven company offering top notch snowboards with bold graphics designed to conquer any mountain.

Capita Snowboards

CAPiTA – With progressive engineering, Capita CAPiTA snowboards guarantees power and stability through each turn while dominating every modern riding environment. They are well known for performance in relation to price tag. C3 Distribution encompasses CAPiTA snowboards, Union bindings, Coal headwear and Home watches and accessories. CAPiTA’s following seems to drastically grow each year with progressive, tested and rider backed products.

Forum Snowboards

Forum – Started by Four Star Distribution and pro snowboarder, Peter Line, Forum has been around since 1996. Manufacturing boots, boards and bindings, Forum is a long time favorite for many freestyle, park and urban snowboarders. In the last decade, Forum has teamed up with Mack Dawg Productions to make a handful of insane snowboard movies. Their board graphics are bold, artsy and sometimes edgy. More importantly, Forum boards are tough as nails and are offered at competitive prices. To learn more about Forum’s history, read their full company history.

DC Snowboards

DCDC is most widely known as a footwear company with offerings for extreme sports like skateboarding, BMX, motocross, surfing and rally car racing. Since DC was already one of the largest players in Action Sports, they embarked on a snowboard and binding line in 2008 with great success. With a large following, DC offers well-built, tested and proven snowboards at affordable prices. They also make some pretty awesome outerwear with impressive technical features down to their opening price points. You can read a more in-depth bio of DC here.

Rome Snowboards

Rome – Launched in November in 2001, Rome started off with three snowboards (Anthem, Agent and Solution) and a glove line. Today, they have numerous products including boots, boards, bindings, outerwear and gloves. You might have heard the term Rome SDS. SDS is the acronym for Snowboard Design Syndicate. The idea behind syndicate is that if you have an opinion about the brand or snowboarding in general, the general public is encouraged to contact the brand and let them know your thoughts. From there, Rome can continue to make incredible products for a syndicate of snowboarders. Learn more about Rome here.

Rossignol Snowboards

Rossignol – Rossignol has reigned the snow sports world since 1907. With athlete based R&D, Rossignol boasts leading technology and a love for the outdoor mountain lifestyle. Snowboard production, beginning in 1987, was an seamless and easy transition since the French company was a pioneer in the ski manufacturing business. Access to factories, decades of trial and error, passionate employees and has named Rossignal one of the top ten brands in snowboarding.


70 Responses to “Top 10 Snowboard Brands”

  1. I have really good snowboard designs so whoever wants them please contact me. Thanks

  2. gufrocks on said:

    How about you send them to us.

  3. Because no one likes never summer or stepchild, because handcrafted snowboards are over rated

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  6. Tyler fish on said:

    I’m looking to get sponsored

  7. Jordan Davnport on said:

    There’s better boreds out there. But no one looks for something unique. Try Arbor Snowboards

  8. Ashten bielecki on said:

    Need some designs for my snowboard its 154cm

  9. danaw on said:

    Where are you from and do you have an edit?

  10. Tyler fish on said:


  11. Silver.9 on said:

    Marquette mi

  12. Tyler fish on said:

    Marquette mountain

  13. Tyler fish on said:


  14. danaw on said:

    How about a link?

  15. WinnerWinnerChickenDinner on said:

    Pretty bad top 10 list actually.

  16. Tyler Fish on said: here it is sorry it took so long

  17. Eff That on said:

    Where is Never Summer, they are in fact #1 as far as board quality.

  18. If anyone knows how to get a part for a Mongoose snowboard, I am missing a boot strap. My email is

  19. gufrocks on said:

    Send a picture to and a brief description to, he should be able to help you find something.

  20. This is complete trash, PRIOR, VENTURE, JONES, UNITY beat everyone of those corporate monsters. Every company listed makes their trash, in china. Mass produced junk. Burton Customs are made in austria. Buy america, maybe the next job you save will be your own.

  21. Anyone know how to make a backyard dry slope? It doesnt snow much where i live.

  22. i disagree with this list, this is not a list of the top 10 best snowboard brands, this is a list of the top 10 most famous. Yeah, some of these brands are really nice, but there are so many brands that just make better boards. My personal favorite brand is never summer.

  23. I think this is a list of budget-friendly snowboards. I’m a beginner with lots of research experience. If we all had the money to spend, a hand-crafted American-made board would be ideal. This is a general list for the general riders. I can agree with this list, but I think they should have said best bang for your buck boards or something like that.


  25. how could you not include Jones? this list is rubbish sponsored crap

  26. My son is getting into snowboarding, he is 5’10” and what type of board should I get. I want good quality and something for him to start out on.

  27. How much does he weigh? I would suggest some that built for beginners. Such as the Burton Clash or k2 brigade.

  28. this is so far off they are missing yes, jones, lobster, slash, never summer, and arbor

  29. All of the negative comments on here are missing the point. It is Top 10 Brands meaning variety of products, number of products available, sponsorship’s, how long they have been in business and how much business they do a year. Not who makes the best snowboards for specific types of riders or where the products are produced.

  30. Where is NItro, Never Summer? In my opinion they are much better than Rossignol…

  31. eden Nebel on said:

    im looking to get sponsered

  32. what about Nitro? Is Nitro good?

  33. Do you have any edits up online that we can check out?

  34. Jeremy Jones….best out there!

  35. Agreed!

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  37. No Palmer, Sims, Signal or Flow? =(

  38. HOW can you NOT mention NITRO???????????????????? I mean srsly wtf..

  39. I am wanting to purchase a board for my grandson. I would like to purchase an American Made board. Can you tell which ones are American made? Thanks

  40. I would suggest going with a board from lib Tech or Gnu.

  41. If you’re willing to spend the money definitely go with never summer.

  42. Never Summer is the way to go! Hand made in the USA! They stand behing their products so well! If you are looking for a board to last then go Never Summer. This list is complete trash! The only names they put up were ones that mass produce crap. Keep it in the USA and make it last.

  43. I am having my senior profile Art class make a project on “snowboard deck designs”. I would love for them to have an extra motivation by having them send a picture of their design to “The-House”. Could it be possible? Do you happen to offer/have contests? Please let me know asap. They have started the project last week.

  44. Luke Matthews on said:

    Rossignol beats Never Summer no way!

  45. i don’t know guys, I have ridden a burton floater for many years…

  46. gufrocks on said:

    Sounds great.

  47. is lamar good

  48. Colt Roe on said:

    I know this is not the right thread, but could anyone help me out? I am 6 foot 1 and weigh about 175 lbs and wear an 11.5 to 12 shoe. I’m new to the buying snowboard process and all of the terms but I can make it down a mountain pretty well with rental gear. I need to buy a snowboard and all I know is that I’m supposed to be around the 160 length area with a wide board(?). Can anyone help me figure out what exact size I need? I’m only 18 and I’m looking to grow more, probably to the 190lbs area, not too much more height. I’ve been looking at boards but cant pick one out until I know my size.. Is the K2 Men’s Fastplant snowboard ok for me..?

    I like the designs. Any help would be appreciated.


  49. gufrocks on said:

    Hi Colt,

    You’re spot on with the size of your board. Boards from 159cm-161cm and in wide options would be best. The K2 Fastplant is a great board, but might be too advanced for your ability.

    If you like K2 board check out the 159cm K2 Subculture Wide HERE:


    Check out the 159cm Burton Blunt Wide HERE:

  50. gufrocks on said:

    Lamar make some of the most fun board to ride in the world.

  51. Colt Roe on said:

    Hey Gufrocks,

    Thank you for replying and helping me out. Just wondering, how is it too advanced? Is it something I could possibly learn on or stay away from it for good?

  52. Colt Roe on said:

    Another question.. Am I able to email you for a bit of help? I have I believe 8 snowboards that I’m looking at and I’d love/need your help. I can always give you my mail if you agree so that you don’t have to post it on here, but if you can’t help or don’t have the time than I understand, no problem at all. I’m just trying to find the right snowboard for me. Thanks for any and all of your help.


  53. Colt Roe on said:

    At the very least I was able to narrow it down to a board I really like:

    “Ride Wild Life Wide Snowboard (Men’s)”

    Would this be a ok board for me?

  54. Stephan on said:

    Hi I just purchased a used snowboard and I can’t figure out what brand it is. Its says “Forward” 160, and the logo is a star with a circle around it. Inside the star there’s a square with a sideway H?

  55. Rossignol ????? Please ! Great great brand but it’s ski spirit…… If you want a french material just go for Apo or Dupraz (incredible chapes for incredible curves)

  56. No clue.

  57. I’m looking to get sponsored so whoever wants to sponsor me reach me at

  58. gufrocks on said:

    Send a cover letter, letter of intent, resume, formal presentation, 5 pictures, and video links to with an email subject of “Sponsor Me”.

  59. Zackary Narr on said:

    I looking to get a reasonably priced snowboard and was looking on eBay. I ran across a brand names system and was wondering how that brand would be? Any advice????

  60. Firefly is good

  61. Need Help what’s the best snowboard for me. The size I need is 160cm, (boot size 11) and a board that does well in icy snow (as opposed to fluffy, powdery snow). I think the board is to have an edge that was designed to cut into ice, just like to go down the mountain, not doing tricks at a park. Thanks

  62. You guys are IDIOTS for not listing NEVER SUMMER as top 1 or 2!!!

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  64. gufrocks on said:

    The Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard would be a good choice. It has awesome edge gripping Magne-Traction. Check it out HERE:

  65. gufrocks on said:

    I’ve never heard of them. For the best board stick with the following brands: Arbor, Burton, Capita, DC, Gnu, Jones, K2, Lib Tech, Ride, Rome, Rossignol, and Salomon.

  66. I am buying a snow bored for my granddaughter and she is 5’0 and weights 95lbs any suggestings?

  67. I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very useful extremely helpful

  68. SMOKIN….support the small guy.

  69. gufrocks on said:

    The 138cm Burton Genie would be a great board. Check it out HERE:

  70. Zubair ahmad lone on said:

    Hi! I’m from kashmir india. I’m a good hard snowboarder. I got double gold medal in a single national championship. I belongs from a middle-class family so i need a sponsorship. Plz if any body wanna sponce me so plz contact me. (Email

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