Snowboard Video Premiere: The Art of Flight

A lot of people fell into the hype of The Art of Flight.  There is a lot more to the Red Bull Media House’s film than the traditionally average snowboard video.  Everyone who doesn’t live a snowboarding lifestyle has now seen a glimpse of it.  The riding, editing, and overall delivery blows all other movies away.

The Art of Flight was released a few weeks early on itunes and snowboard fanatics everywhere had already seen it before the movie’s world premiere.  Was it epic the first time you saw it?  Yes.  Was is better the second time around?  Sure.  Logistics and production were Curt Moran, of Brain Farm, and Travis Rice’s biggest challenges while filming The Art of Flight.  With the same goal in mind, Curt and Travis were able to produce a mind blowing experience of a movie that blew their last films The Community Project and That’s It That’s All out of the water.

Weekend Warriors now have insight into how real snowboards think, feel, and act.  You can rest assured knowing the posers don’t have the heart and soul of snowboarding beating inside them; whispering or yelling at them to drop faster, launch harder, push further, and reach beyond their comfort zone.

Be glad for The Art of Flight.  Be glad that it allows the world to see our secrets and helps them realize snowboarding is more than a series of tricks.  The Art of Flight puts it’s viewers into the bodies of some of the greatest snowboarders in history.  Could you feel their pain and joy?  Yes.  With an outstanding sound track, breathtaking views, and clips that are like 3,000,000,000,000 frames a second, the explosive climax chews you up and spits you out.  When you watch The Art of Flight again, let it absorb you and take you into the heart and soul of snowboarding, let it embrace you and put you on a path of unexplainable joy, frustration, desire, and love.




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