Airblaster’s Thank You, Baby. – Teaser / Cпасибо, Kрошка. – задира from Airblaster on Vimeo.

Facemask fanatics rejoice, Airblaster has another video for you this season, chronicling the exploits of Nick Dirks and Brandon Cocard in mother Russia. For most people, Russia just one slot above China on their list of places they’d want to vacation, but for boarders the red state makes perfect sense. I’m not an expert in international weather, but if I had to guess, I would assume that the entirety of the USSR is covered in at least ten feet of snow, year-round.

Thank You, Baby, is the result of a ten day trip, looks like the antithesis of the season’s big budget films like The Art of Flight, but in that fuzzy kind of way that takes you back to the roots of snowboarding in the way that skate crews used to put out tour videos. Not something that would impress the masses looking for quadruple backflips, but something that the core kids will get a kick out of.

Also included in the DVD is a trip to Baldface Lodge with the legendary laughster Travis Parker with Leanna Pelosi backing him up. Add that to skate footage from a summer with Nick Dirks and Jed Anderson and you’ve got a decent way to spend 30-40 minutes. Plus, the Airblaster videos always have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that makes you want to get out there and snowboard for no one but yourself.

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