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2011 Technine T Money Snowboard Bindings

This is a classic Technine flex and response binding built by snowboarders for snowboarders for snowboarding. That’s right. The chastity and heel cup are pretty unique. The chastity is made out of 14% short glass nylon composite. The Pro Frame T6 Heel Cup is fully adjustable both back and forth. It almost wraps underneath the chastity.

Technine Molded EVA tech beds have fully adjustable toe and heel ramps, which is great because if your feet grow and you need bigger boots, you won’t need bigger bindings. The nylon highback is fully adjustable in many ways, both in rotation and in forward lean. The Comfort King 2, EVA dual-density, 13/30 degree ankle strap with ladder guards is going to be your best friend. These things are ultra-cushy. They have a lot of designs on them. We show the inside, which is kind of special for that rider who likes special inside stuff.

The Baltimore Toe Strap, of course, are going to keep your feet nice and firm against your binding, and they also have ladder guards. Both the ankle strap and the toe strap have micro adjusters to center the straps on your boot. The buckles are cast aluminum buckles with rubber Technine logos. That’s right there’s a lot of cool features on this binding. One of my favorite things is the rubber padding that actually goes underneath the chastity. This will dampen and absorb a lot of the impact you get when dropping 40 foot parking lot ramps. This is it right here: Technine T Money—classic. Built by snowboarders for snowboarding.


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